Huawei Band 7 : Workout Mode Ability is Fantastic

One can observe that when it comes to tracking your workouts, the Huawei Band 7 is capable of performing way more than just tracking 96 different workout modes. In point of fact, with the inclusion of Trusport Analytics, the Huawei Band 7 can offer some extremely advanced tracking features at a price that is affordable, which is fantastic value for money.

If you are not familiar with the term, workout mode ability it’s a system that I have created that allows you to see how much value the device can offer when it’s tracking your workouts, and more importantly if it’s reliable enough to be your primary workout tracker.

In this article, I will delve deep into every aspect of the Huawei Band 7, including a detailed breakdown of how I test its workout mode ability. This information will be of great importance to you if you are looking to purchase the Huawei Band 7. If you’re after fitness tracking, this article is an excellent starting point to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Huawei Band 7’s tracking capabilities. Lastly, here are my final results.

SpecialityWell rounded
Basic Level5/5
Intermediate Level3/5
Advanced Level1/5
Final Score9/15

In the end I have given the Huawei Band 7 a final rating of 8 out of 15. It’s a very good score for a fitness tracker that is so affordable.

Huawei Band 7 Offers Everything At A Basic Level : 5 out of 5

Huawei Band 7 heart rate zones
Huawei Band 7 : Heart rate zones, a useful feature when managing your training load. Today’s I did a recovery workout, and went for a long walk.

When it comes to the basic level of fitness tracking, the Huawei Band 7 is certainly a very capable device. I think that this is one of the areas where the Huawei Band 7 performs the best. Let me share with you what I test for at a basic level.

  • Calorie counting
  • Have various workout modes available to track (96 modes available)
  • Heartrate tracking
  • Step counting
  • Duration of workout
  • Heart rate variation recording
  • Ability to connect to third party apps (directly or indirectly)
  • Auto detection workout.
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The testing criteria I use is what I expect at a basic level. The other part of the testing criteria is reliability and let me assure you that the Huawei Band 7 does very well in this.

The only issue really is the ability to connect to third party apps directly because there are no apps compatible with the Huawei Band 7 in the Huawei App store. However the Huawei Band 7 does have the ability to connect to third party apps in directly, which means sharing your fitness tracking data from the Huawei Health app with the third party app.

I will do a future article on this but the in direct method works really well with the Huawei Health App. I use third party apps like Adidas running, Strava and Komoot for hiking and the data updates immediately without any issue.

The Huawei Band 7 deserves it’s final rating of 5 out of 5 at basic level. The Huawei health tracking is fantastic in my experience. I rarely use any third party application because it’s native tracking system is very good.

Huawei Band 7 Offers Great Intermediate Features : 3 out of 5

In terms of fitness tracking at an intermediate level, the Huawei Band 7 is certainly a very capable device. It provides a host of exciting features for what you pay. The Huawei Band 7 doesn’t have all the intermediate features. Let me explain what I test for at this level, and also determine what’s available and not available.

Ability to determine your fitness levelGPS Tracking
Ability to measure training load/intensityAbility to improve cadence
Ability to provide recovery timesAI coach feature
Huawei Band 7 Intermediate workout mode tracking features

Huawei Band 7 Can Determine Your Fitness Level

Huawei band 7 can determine your v02 max
Huawei Band 7 : Can measure your fitness level by using the V02max metric. The above image was recorded after my recovery workout. If the number is low you have some work to do, and if it’s high you are doing well.

When it comes to determining your fitness level the Huawei Band 7 can determine this by measuring your V02max via workout status. V02max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use over time and the Huawei Band 7 can only record your V02max if you use GPS tracking workouts. Now the Huawei Band 7 does not have built in GPS and uses your phones GPS in the process. Quite a useful feature if you are looking to improve your running ability.

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Ability to Measure Your Training Load

One of the best features to have in any fitness tracker in my opinion. Knowing how much training stress versus recovery can be a bit of a juggling act but this feature can help you train smarter.

Training load score is combination of three things, training stress, sleep and emotional stress. If you want to progress further in your fitness journey, managing these three things is essential. In a way I think this feature can keep you honest because in order to achieve your goals, you have to introduce good habits.

Ability To Provide Recovery Times

The Huawei Band 7 can tell you when you are fully recovered for your next training session.

When you finish your workout, the device then looks to calculate your recovery time and it does this by analysing your heart rate variation of your workout. To explain this simply, if you train for a long period of time in the aerobic or anaerobic zones then your body goes through enormous stress which in turn requires a longer period of time to recover.

Also if you workout and you train for a long period of time in the fat burning zone then your recovery time would be far less, because the training stress is manageable for your body to withstand. Is this feature reliable? yes because it collects information by tracking your heart rate at different stages.

Huawei Band 7 Does Offer One Advanced Feature

Huawei band 7 has 96 different workout modes
Huawei Band 7 : 96 different workout modes, boxing and strength is what I use the most.

When it comes to advanced fitness tracking, the Huawei Band 7 does offer something that can help with your fitness tracking. It doesn’t all the advanced features, but I will show you what I test for at advanced level including what’s available versus what’s not.

Ability to provide specialist features to improve performanceAbility to connect to motion sensors
Ability to prepare you for a race
Ability to provide advanced analytics (similar to Polar flow, Garmin Connect)
Advanced auto detection (automatically change workout modes based on your motion)

How Does the Huawei Band 7 Can Improve Performance

If you are someone who wants to improve your running efficiency, or someone who is starting out as a runner, the Huawei Band 7 has a feature called Running Ability Index (RAI). It’s a very complex feature where the Band 7 collects your training data which is your heart rate, pace, distance and frequency, then calculates your running ability score.

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The Band 7 does not have the AI running course’s like the Huawei Watch Fit 2, Huawei Watch GT3 or the Huawei GT Runner. If it did it would be very useful in conjunction with the RAI feature because it can help you improve your running efficiency through stages or more importantly based on your current training load.

Is it reliable? Like I mentioned the Band 7 collects four different training data which is your heart rate, distance, pace and frequency. The Band 7 is very reliable in recording your heart rate, as for distance and pace the Band 7 uses your phone GPS which is reasonably good.

For what it’s worth, the Band 7 doesn’t have the tracking capabilities as the more high end Huawei devices, but good enough to give you a general idea on how your running ability is progressing.

How Does The Huawei Band 7 Rank In The Market

Activity goals : 250 steps per hour (12 times), 30 active minutes, 10,000 steps per day.

I think this part of the article will be of interest to you. The Huawei Band 7’s workout mode ability is better than the Galaxy Watch 4,5 and 5 Pro series. I think in terms of price and reliability when it comes to tracking your workouts, the Huawei Band 7 really does well.

You can expect a device that specializes in multi sport should get

RankBrandWatch SeriesSpecialtyScore
1GarminForerunner 55Multi Sport15
2PolarPacerMulti Sport15
3AppleWatch 7, 8 UltraWell Rounded15
4PolarIgnite 3Fitness15
5Huawei GT3 PROWell Rounded13
6HuaweiGT3Well Rounded12
7Huawei Watch Fit 2Well Rounded12
8HuaweiBand 7Well Rounded9
9SamsungGalaxy Watch 6 ClassicSmart apps8
10SamsungGalaxy Watch 4, 5, 5 ProSmart apps8
11FitbitVersa 4, Charge 5, Inspire 3Health7
12XiaomiS1 ActiveSmart apps6
Workout Mode Ability Ranking : Maximum score is 15 3 brands that I know hit the 15 mark rating. Coro and Amazfit watch’s could reach the 15 point mark, but I havent placed them on the list because I have not personally tested them.

Final Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have learnt a lot about the Huawei Band 7’s workout mode ability. Here in New Zealand the Band 7 cost’s just under $100, so if you are someone that prioritizes fitness tracking at an affordable price then the Huawei Band 7 is a more than capable device.

Also I am glad that I have portrayed the device in the new ranking system I created. I think it exposes the watch, especially when it’s ranked against other devices. Great example is that the Huawei Band 7 is rated above Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series in terms of tracking your workouts. To be fair the Galaxy Watch series specialty is smart apps, but it goes to show that a device that cost’s 70% less can outperform the Galaxy Watch.