Galaxy Watch 6 Classic : What to Expect When Tracking Your Workouts

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has the ability to track over 100 different different workout modes. However the device can do more than just that, and if tracking your workouts matter to you then this article will hopefully provide the answers that you are seeking for before you decide to buy.

I have my own rating system when it comes to testing a devices ability to track workouts, and after testing so many devices, I do get a feel of what a device is capable of and share my experience with you all.

After conducting three different levels of testing the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a workout mode ability of 8 out of 15, which is a average strength device when it comes to tracking your workouts. Here is a summary of my final results.

Basic Level5/5
Intermediate Level2/5
Advanced Level1/5
Final Score8/15

After taking a moment to reflect on my final results, I do believe that this is a true reflection of what the device can offer. I have tested the Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 5 series, and it’s ability to track your workouts has not changed. Please note that the above results is based on the Native tracking system which is Samsung Health, and does not include third party apps which I will do in a separate test.

In this article I will give you an idea of how I test and rate a device for each category, and I will also show you how the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is rated in the market, just in case, you are looking for a device that’s a little more advanced.

How Do I Rate Devices

I reckon this is pretty important so you can get a sense of how I test devices for workout mode. I’ve come up with my own way of testing based on the many smartwatches I’ve tried out before. Usually, I’m testing features that are pretty standard.

The testing stuff isn’t like the norm, but it’s just a bunch of helpful info to help you make a good call before buying. And I don’t want to just give you my opinion, so I like to do it like a real test. That way you get the real deal and not just my thoughts.

Finally, this device gets a point when I use the feature 4 times and it has to work consistently and reliably. I’m also going to show you a table that shows what features are available and what’s not available. Sometimes devices don’t have all the features I’m looking for in each category. This will also give you an idea of what’s out there in the market, because my testing criteria is based on smart watches I’ve tested in the past.

Basic Level : 5 out of 5

Calorie counting
Various workout modes
Heartrate tracking
Step counting
Heart rate variation recording
Connect to third party apps
Auto detection workout

When it comes to basic level workout tracking, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has all the features that I look for when testing at this level. I wasn’t expecting anything less at this level because the generations prior achieved the same level, so thats a very good result.

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Every feature that I have tested have tested reliably and consistently, and deserves it’s 5 out of 5 rating at this level, and to be honest it should be the standard if you are spending your cold hard cash on a device.

The best feature at basic level would have to be the interaction with third party apps. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can connect in directly (which is where you share your tracking data as a partnership with a third party app) and directly (which is the ability to control a third party app directly from your watch).

Intermediate Level : 2 out of 5

AvailableUn available
Ability to determine your fitness levelAbility to measure training load/intensity
GPS trackingAbility to provide recovery times
AI coach feature

At intermediate level, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic does not have all the features that I test for at this level, as shown in the above table. I will quickly explain what’s unavailable versus available because this may sway your decision to buy or not to buy.

Features That Are Unavailable

There are only two features that are unavailable at this level, and if these features are important to you, then the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic may not be the watch for you, here is a quick summary of what’s unavailable.

Ability to measure training load/intensity : Very useful feature if managing your training stress is important to you. This is where the device analysis your sleep, workout, daily stress data and then uses this data to calculate how much of a strain this takes on your body. Useful feature for a beginner, because it can teach you good training habits, where you prioritise sleep, manage your stress as best you can, and understand the best time to increase or decrease workout intensities.

Ability to provide recovery times : For every action there is a reaction, and that’s no different to training intensities. If you train and sustain for long periods of time at a very high heart rate, then your body requires a longer recovery. This feature can roughly calculate how long your recovery period will go for before you begin your next session. From my own experience, you can reduce the recovery time by getting a good nights sleep, and do your best to manage your stress levels.

Features That Are Available

The features that are available are very reliable and from my experience during testing, I think these features can be very useful to anyone that is looking to improve your fitness level, especially from a beginner perspective, and at intermediate and advanced levels, which is dependant on what goals you are looking to achieve.

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Ability to determine your fitness level : The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can do this in two ways, the first method is V02 max. V02 max is a measure on how efficient your body is at absorbing oxygen, and the goal is to become more efficient to become more fitter. This is measured after every aerobic type exercise you do, and your workout needs to be a minimum of 10 minutes.

The other method is Heart Rate Recovery, and this device only measure’s aerobic exercises (running, walking etc.) only and not anerobic (weight lifting sessions). At he end of the training session, the device monitors your heart rate for 2 minutes. If your heart rate drops down, closer to your resting heart rate, then your fitness level is very good.

GPS Tracking : The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is somewhat reliable, but in order to get accurate readings you do need to plan your route where there is very little obstructions. For more information about this, check out my article, Galaxy Watch 6 Classic : GPS tracking is fairly good, but. In this article I show you my GPS tracking results from three different tests, and tips for better accuracy.

AI Coach Feature : The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has the running coach feature, this is no different to the versions within the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series. The AI coach can provide instructions, depending on your fitness level. You can start with a light walk progression to a brisk walk, or a light jog progression to longer interval running. From experience the AI coaching instructions can burn battery life fairly quickly so manage your battery life well if this feature is something you like.

Advanced Level : 1 out of 5

Ability to connect to motion sensorsAbility to prepare you for a race
Ability to provide specialist features to improve performance
Advanced auto detection (automatically change workout modes based on your motion)
Ability to provide advanced analytics (similar to Polar flow, Garmin Connect)

At advanced level the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has only one feature that I test for at this level, which is a very useful feature for anyone that requires accurate tracking.

Features That Are Available

The only feature is the Ability to connect to motion sensors. I have used the Polar H10 Heart strap during my testing and it worked seamlessly. The device can connect to cadence sensors, power adaptors (sensors at the axel to test power) and so forth. There is a limitation as the Samsung brand can only connect to certain brands.

Features That Are Unavailable

There is quite a lot of features that are not available at this level, I will give a quick summary of what it cannot do at this level.

  • Ability to prepare you for a race : Majority of the workout modes that are available to you are really about being active, so there are no features that could help you prepare for a marathon, cycling event and so forth.
  • Ability to provide specialist features to improve performance : Most brands have their own special features that can assist you in improving your performance. For Example Polar smart watch’s has features like train wise that can calculate the optimum rest periods between lifting sets based on your fitness level.
  • Advanced auto detection (automatically change workout modes based on your motion) : A new feature that is getting better over time, but is a feature that is handy for anyone in multisport or swimming. When you look at swimming, if you start your first lap in freestyle motion, then you begin breast stroke in the second lap, the device can detect the change in swim styles and change algorithms to track that swim style accurately.
  • Ability to provide advanced analytics (similar to Polar flow, Garmin Connect) : If advanced analytics is something that you are looking for, the Samsung Health will not provide that. Depending on what sport you are in, it maybe best to use the third party apps with the device.
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How Does The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Rank in the Market

With a average strength rating, how does the Galaxy Watch 6 rate in the market?, please remember that the device is only rated on using the Samsung Health system only and does not include third party applications.

As you can see the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic does not improve on it’s previous version, only because the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5 series were still being supported so therefore updates were still valid.

A device that costs one third of the price of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the Huawei Band 7, has a stronger ability to track your workouts. The Huawei Band 7 is a device that punches way above it’s weight, and you can also gain a better advantage with the Huawei Watch Fit 2, which costs a little under half the price of the Galaxy Watch 6 classic.

If I was to compare the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic against a top ranking device for tracking workouts like the Polar Ignite 3. The gap between both device is absolutely huge, and to be fair, the Polar Ignite 3 specialises in tracking workouts only, and very weak in others. I will be doing comparison articles in the near future.

RankBrandWatch SeriesSpecialtyScore
1GarminForerunner 55Multi Sport15
2PolarPacerMulti Sport15
3AppleWatch 7, 8 UltraWell Rounded15
4PolarIgnite 3Fitness15
5Huawei GT3 PROWell Rounded13
6HuaweiGT3Well Rounded12
7Huawei Watch Fit 2Well Rounded12
8HuaweiBand 7Well Rounded9
9SamsungGalaxy Watch 6 ClassicSmart apps8
10SamsungGalaxy Watch 4, 5, 5 ProSmart apps8
11FitbitVersa 4, Charge 5, Inspire 3Health7
12XiaomiS1 ActiveSmart apps6
Workout Mode Ability Ranking : Maximum score is 15 3 brands that I know hit the 15 mark rating. Coro and Amazfit watch’s could reach the 15 point mark, but I havent placed them on the list because I have not personally tested them.

Final Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have learnt a lot about the workout tracking ability of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Please note that I was comparing the Samsung Health against other devices in the market.

In the end a 8 out of 15 is a fair rating, and the device is more suited to a beginner and maybe an advanced beginner in terms of workout tracking, and see example below.

If you are looking for something that has a higher workout ability, the devices in my rating table can do a great job, depending on what type of performance you are looking for. I have written so many articles of all those devices that I rated with a perfect score, so feel free to check those out to see if those devices meets your requirements.