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Fitbit Inspire 3 Vs Huawei Band 7 : Which Will You Choose?

Having had the chance to review multiple fitness trackers, I can confidently say that the Fitbit Inspire 3 and the Huawei Band 7 are among the best two out there. I couldn’t find anything remotely wrong with them, and the fact that their price tags were almost the same made me feel like I got more for less.

Before I impart my results to you, it’s important to remember that whoever emerges victorious from this comparison is not necessarily better than the other. Rather, it is to be expected that each brand has something unique to offer, such as Fitbit devices being more health-focused and Huawei devices providing an all-encompassing fitness and social experience.

With Fitbit Premium

Smart FeatureHuawei Band 7
Health FeaturesFitbit Inspire 3
Activity TrackingHuawei Band 7
Battery LifeHuawei Band 7

Without Fitbit Premium

Smart FeatureHuawei Band 7
Health FeaturesDraw
Activity TrackingHuawei Band 7
Battery LifeHuawei Band 7

There it is, the Huawei Band 7 became the clear victor among eight different comparisons. It was a tight contest, and like I said before, both brands had something to offer that the other didn’t have. In many areas, I couldn’t even decide which one was the better option, and I’ll be discussing that in more detail in this article.

Smart Features : Winner Huawei Band 7

Both products offer the same set of smart features, namely NFC, quick messaging, and find your phone; yet depending on where you are located in the world, the NFC capability for both brands might be unreliable and may not be accessible to the majority of the users.

Where the Huawei Band 7 shines in this category is with the 2 things which is

  • Music controls: It allows you to control the music playback on your smartphone with its very own music control button.
  • Message Display: Messages look a lot clearer than the Fitbit Inspire 3

When choosing between the two devices in this category I had to be a bit meticulous. The music control feature in the Huawei Band 7 is a wonderful feature that many fitness enthusiasts find very desirable in a fitness tracker, which rules heavily in their favour.

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The other reason is that the messages look a lot clearer on the Huawei Band 7. After a while you do get use to the smushed text on the Fitbit Inspire 3, but I think for most people they dont find this appealing. For me I didn’t find it a problem but I could imagine it would be a deal if you get so many messages in a day.

Huawei Band 7 : Music control, a must have feature for many people

Health Features : Winner Fitbit Inspire 3 (Premium Only)

When it comes to this specialty, the Fitbit is certainly head and shoulders above the Huawei Band 7. This is only true if you’re a Premium subscriber however, as that grants you access to all these features on the Fitbit Inspire 3.

  • Reliable Fitness tracking : Inspire 3 is right up there with some of the best fitness trackers available, like withing’s, apple smart watch and whoop.
  • Daily readiness Score : Which will help you know how well your body is preforming

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is an incredibly basic fitness tracker and, without the premium features of the Fitbit, it’s health and tracking functions are on par with the Huawei Band 7. The Inspire 3 does, however, have the noteworthy new glucose tracker feature, which is a non-premium feature and is not available on the Huawei Band 7. Although the Fitbit Inspire 3 has a few good features, I ultimately couldn’t give it the win because I think it should offer a bit more.

Fitbit Inspire 3 : Health features are very good only if you are a premium subscriber

Activity Tracking : Winner Huawei Band 7

Without a doubt, the Huawei Band 7 is the clear winner in this category. It provides the user with a basic fitness tracking experience and more advanced fitness tracking with Trusport analytics, which you can find in the workout status feature that it offers.

  • Running Ability Index (RAI): Which can track your running form and running efficiency.
  • Training Load : Which can help you know how hard you worked out in a workout, and can help you plan your next workout
  • V02max : Which can help you know your max oxygen intake which can help you know your overall fitness
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The degree of accuracy in tracking running form may be subpar. A sensor attached to your shoes via Bluetooth will offer more accuracy than the gyroscope sensor, which detects your running motion in three dimensions. If you want more accurate readings, it’s better to buy higher end Huawei products like the Huawei GT3 or GT Runner.

The training load feature is one of my favourite feature of the Huawei Band 7. As a person that trains twice a day, I like to analyse my training loads and plan my next workouts. It does prove correct on some days and can get it wrong on others, but you need to use the watch consistently to get accurate results.

Activity LevelFitbit Inspire 3Huawei Band 7
Basic Fitness TrackingYesYes
Intermediate Fitness TrackingYes
huawei band 7 training load
Huawei Band 7 : Training load feature which is similar to daily readiness score

Battery Life : Winner Huawei Band 7

The battery life of both devices is absolutely fantastic. I could not determine a winner because they perform extremely well but I am going to present to you some interesting facts about both devices in a easy to read table. In the end I went with the Huawei Band 7 as the victor because of the impressive fast charge ability, which I will show you.

But before I do that, my numbers are dependant on my typical usage of the device and so I just wanted you to know that if you have different usage patterns you may not get the same results. My typical usage is as follows:

  • 110 – 120 minutes of activity per day
  • All day heart rate tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Up to 20 messages per day
  • Up to 50 screen activations per day (mostly when working out)
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SubjectHuawei Band 7Fitbit Inspire 3
Battery Life based on my Typical Usage8-9 days10-11 days
Battery consumption/economy rate per day10-11%8-9%
Time to recharge 0 to 100%35 min150 min
Time to recharge 1% of battery21 sec1 min 30 sec

As a quick summary of the numbers as you can see the Fitbit Inspire 3 has a slight edge in the economy rate whereas the Huawei Band 7 has the superior recharge rates. Because the Huawei Band 7’s battery economy rate is pretty close to the Inspire 3 I had to give the win to the Huawei Band 7.

  • Fitbit Inspire 3 battery consumption/economy rate is 18% more efficient than the Huawei Band 7
  • Huawei Band 7 recharge rate is almost 3 time faster than the Fitbit Inspire 3

The Fitbit Inspire 3’s claim the watch can go up to 10 days is indeed accurate, there was a time where I pushed it out to 12 days. I am also very confident of the 8% economy rate as well. If I wake up in the morning and see I have 15% battery life, I know I can get a full days tracking before I can charge before I go to bed.

Where as the Huawei Band 7’s claim to 14 days battery life is really a number that the Huawei LAB results predicts. As a light user you can get 14 days, and for a heavy user you can get 8 days battery life. I have achieved 8 days a few times but I do consistently get 7 days. Just like the Inspire I am very confident of the economy rate. But the re charge rate is pretty insane.

Final Conclusion

n the end, the triumph belongs to the Huawei Band 7. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Band 7 is a better tracker than the Inspire 3. Both trackers are great devices and are both worth the purchase. If monitoring your health is one of your top priorities, the Inspire 3 is the way to go (premium version only). On the other hand, if tracking your activities is more important to you, then the Huawei Band 7 is the right choice.

For any new fitness tracker that comes into the market, I will be comparing that device against the Inspire 3 and the Huawei Band 7. In my own opinion and based on my experience, both of these devices is really the bench mark. I do want to mention that the Huawei Watch Fit 2 fits into the picture somewhere which is a device really like to. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you find this article useful.