Huawei GT3 PRO : Workout Mode Ability is Very Strong

When it comes to tracking your workouts, the Huawei GT3 PRO can do way more than just track over a 100 different workout modes, in fact the device can adapt to your current fitness level and help build it up to where you would like to be.

When it comes to workout mode ability, I test the device in three categories and give the device a score. The only time I will award a point is when the device performs consistently and reliably for at least four times during testing. My hope is that you get some value out of this article, and know what to expect before you buy.

In the end the Huawei GT3 PRO performed exceptionally well and I have given the device a very strong score of 13 out of 15. Here is a quick summary of my final results.

SpecialityWell rounded
Operating systemHarmony OS3
Basic Level5/5
Intermediate Level5/5
Advanced Level3/5
Final Score13/15

In this article I will into detail on the testing criteria that I use to test the device for each category. My testing system is something that I have created myself and it’s based on the devices that I have tested in the past, so it will give you an idea of what’s out there in the market. I will also provide a ranking table that will give an idea where the Huawei GT3 PRO ranks in the market, so hopefully I get to answer any queries you have about the devices ability to track your workouts.

Huawei GT3 PRO Provides Everything at Basic Level

Heart rate variation recording : my favourite basic level feature

When it comes to basic level fitness tracking, the Huawei GT3 PRO has all the features that I test for at this level. Here is a list of things that I go through when testing the device.

Calorie counting
Various workout modes
Heartrate tracking
Step counting
Heart rate variation recording
Connect to third party apps
Auto detection workout

The basic fitness tracking works very well, and it should do as the bare minimum for any smart watch device. The one feature I like in the list of things I test is the heart rate variation recording, because it gives you an idea of the intensity of your last activity. I find this beneficial especially when my training stress (anaerobic or aerobic training stress) is too high so I can work within my limits that my body can withstand.

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One other favourite feature at this level is to connect to third party apps. The only way you can do this is applying the indirect method, which is where you share your Huawei Health app tracking information with the third party app through a partnership. I have already written an article about the Huawei GT3 PRO’s third party app ability so you can check out that article if you want to know more about this.

Article : Huawei GT3 PRO : Third Party App Ability is very good

Verdict : The device definelty deserves it’s 5 out of 5 rating when it comes to tracking your workouts at a basic level. If I was to pick out any negative parts from my experience with the device, it would be changing the auto detection settings and categorizing your most highest used workout modes as favourites. It will save you time, rather than flicking through so many workout modes.

Huawei GT3 PRO Provides Everything at Intermediate Level

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro Metronome feature
Metronome : you can change the setting during your workout

When it comes to tracking your workouts at a intermediate level, the Huawei GT3 PRO has all the features that I test for at this level. Here is a list of things that I test for at this level.

AvailableUn available
Ability to measure training load/intensity
Ability to improve cadence
AI coach feature
Ability to provide recovery times
Ability to determine your fitness level
GPS Tracking

Ability to measure training load : A feature that is very similar to Garmin’s body battery and Fitbit’s daily readiness score, the training load feature draws your activity and sleep data which will then determine your bodies training load. Knowing your bodies perceived load is very useful information that can help guide you in the right direction to avoid over training. If your training load is low, there for your body is prime to absorb intense activity, or if too high, best to do recovery workouts like walking or yoga. I also think it keeps you honest because you have to prioritise quality sleep in order for your body to recover.

Ability to improve cadence : The Huawei GT3 PRO can do this using the metronome feature which works like a timing tool where you follow the chime or vibration. In my experience using this feature, I found it useful to get an idea of what the training stress is like on the body. I typically increase my cadence by 3% and cut my distance in half as a extreme beginner runner. Just be aware that this feature can drain your battery life by a lot.

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AI coach feature : The Huawei GT3 PRO has running courses, which acts like a running coach. Im very new to running and at the moment Im allowing the running program dictate my progress. So far it’s been a lot of fun as I try to build up my aerobic capacity in order to tackle the next level courses. Very useful feature to anyone that ones to get better at running.

Ability to provide recovery times : Quite a handy feature to have and the Huawei GT3 PRO can determine this from training activities that are Anaerobic or Aerobic training stress. To put it simply, if you train very hard, then your recovery time will extend further, it’s really give or take. The device does notify you when you reach a training stress level such as level 1, level 2 and so forth. If you are someone that trains twice a day, the device has a timer that counts down to full recovery.

Ability to determine your fitness level : The Huawei GT3 PRO can do this in two ways, V02 max (which is your bodies ability to absorb oxygen) and Heart rate recovery. The V02 max is part of the running program only, whereas the heart rate recovery can be used after workouts whether it be Anaerobic or Aerobic exercises. To put it simply, if you record your heart rate two minutes after your workout and compare it to your resting heart rate. If your heart rate is very close to your resting heart rate, then your fit, if not then you have some work to do. An effective tool that you can use after a workout.

GPS Tracking : GPS tracking is absoltely fantastic and reliable. I have written an article about the device’s GPS accuracy. For more details, check out my article, Article – Huawei GT3 Pro : Is GPS tracking Accurate?

Verdict : The Huawei GT3 Pro deserves its rating of 5 out of 5 at this level. I couldn’t really find anything bad about the device, maybe the metronome feature burns a lot of battery life.

Huawei GT3 PRO Has Some Advanced Features

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro V02max

When it comes to tracking your workouts at a advanced level, the Huawei GT3 PRO doesn’t have all the features that I test for at this level. However, based on the features that I did get to test, performed really well. Here is a list of features that are available for this device

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Ability to connect to motion sensorsAbility to provide advanced analytics (similar to Polar flow, Garmin Connect)
Ability to prepare you for a raceAdvanced auto detection (automatically change workout modes based on your motion)
Ability to provide specialist features to improve performance

Ability to connect to motion sensors : It’s more suited for a runner and a cyclist, and you can Bluetooth connect to a Heart Rate Strap, Huawei S-TAG, Speed/Cadence or power axel (power adaptor). I have tested many Huawei devices and the experience has always been very reliable.

Ability to prepare you for a race : So far it applies to running only, and as a newbie when it comes to running, the Huawei GT3 PRO has a race predictor feature. I have seen this feature when I am going through the running courses and the device can give you feed back for a half marathon or marathon race.

Ability to provide specialist features to improve performance : The Huawei GT3 PRO has two features, first one is the Running Ability Index that can help improve your running, and the Lactose threshold for runners which is a feature where the device can determine your run pace to a point where you dont generate too much lactic acid.

Verdict : The Huawei GT3 PRO deserves its final rating based on the features that were available to test. If you are someone that is into running and is looking to improve performance, then this device maybe the one to help support your goals. One day I will build up my running capacity to give you a more in depth feedback.

How Does The Huawei GT3 PRO Rank in the Market

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro Training load and training load index

The Huawei GT3 PRO is one of the best devices I have tested when it comes to tracking your workouts, which is very good for anyone that is looking for a device that can support your goals.

RankBrandWatch SeriesSpecialtyScore
1GarminForerunner 55Multi Sport15
2PolarPacerMulti Sport15
3AppleWatch 7, 8 UltraWell Rounded15
4PolarIgnite 3Fitness15
5Huawei GT3 PROWell Rounded13
6HuaweiGT3Well Rounded12
7Huawei Watch Fit 2Well Rounded12
8HuaweiBand 7Well Rounded9
9SamsungGalaxy Watch 6 ClassicSmart apps8
10SamsungGalaxy Watch 4, 5, 5 ProSmart apps8
11FitbitVersa 4, Charge 5, Inspire 3Health7
12XiaomiS1 ActiveSmart apps6
Workout Mode Ability Ranking : Maximum score is 15 3 brands that I know hit the 15 mark rating. Coro and Amazfit watch’s could reach the 15 point mark, but I havent placed them on the list because I have not personally tested them.

Final Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have learnt a lot about the Huawei GT3 PRO’s workout mode ability. In the end I have given a very strong score of 13 out of 15, and based from my testing experience, the device deserves it’s final rating.

If someone that is after a smart watch that can track your workouts at a basic level, would not be beneficial for you. You will end up paying for a device that has a so many tools you will only use 5% of it and in my opinion it’s not great value for money. The Huawei Band 7 is a very good alternative in terms of value for money.

If you are someone that competes or looking to improve your performance in running then this device is definelty for you. More specifically running because the tools that are available to you can help improve your running ability.

At the moment, Im only a newbie when it comes to running, but I am looking for a runner to test this device so that I can give you more information that is relatable. More importantly the tools that the device offers, and whether it can deliver on it’s promise, because this device is quite expensive. I will do a follow up article to try and give you more answers on that part. Thank you.