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Huawei GT3 PRO vs Huawei GT3 : Which will you choose

The Huawei GT3 Active and the Huawei GT3 PRO are very good smart watch’s and very reliable during my testing experience, so it should be a very good comparison. My expectation is that the Huawei GT3 PRO should win this comparison, only because it’s the very top end on what Huawei has to offer.

To my surprise, the Huawei GT3 Active has held up well against the Huawei GT3 PRO with a final score of 3-0-3, which is pretty good value considering I paid 50% less for the Huawei GT3 Active. Here is a summary of my final results.

Smart FeaturesDraw
Health FeaturesGT3 PRO
Third Party AppsDraw
Workout Mode AbilityGT3 PRO
GPS TrackingDraw
Battery LifeGT3 PRO

Since I paid 50% less for the Huawei GT3 Active, the price difference is a considerable factor when making a decision before you buy. However since the Huawei GT3 PRO is stronger in three of the six categories, I do believe the 50% price difference is heavily invested into those categories in a big way.

In this article I dont do comparisons based on specifications, my comparison articles are based on my own testing system that I use to rate each device in a very unbiased results that matter to you. Also I will only discuss the advantages that one device has over the other, so if you want to see my full testing results I can provide links to my articles, if you want more about how I go about rating a device. I hope this helps.

Smart Feature Ability : Draw

Huawei GT3 smart feature, media player
LevelGT3 PROGT3 Active
Final Score12/1512/15

If you are not familiar with the term smart feature ability it is where smart features can provide some form of automation in your everyday lives, which is very important to many. I was hoping that the Huawei GT3 PRO will have some additional smart features, however it wasn’t the case and both devices offer the same experience.

Since both devices offer the same experience I do believe that the Huawei GT3 PRO does have a slight advantage in managing the power consumption of smart features. Smart features can take a heavy toll on your battery life especially if you are making phone calls or activating the watch face.

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You will see the difference once I present the battery life results in this article, and I do believe this is the value added into the price of the Huawei GT3 PRO. If you want to know more about the smart feature ability for these device’s click on the link below.

One other thing to be aware of is that Huawei pay isn’t available here in New Zealand so if contactless payment is important to you check with your bank if Huawei pay is supported.

Article : Huawei GT3 : Smart feature ability is very strong

Health Features : Winner Huawei GT3 PRO

Since both devices offer the same health tracking features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, general health tracking and menstrual health the Huawei GT3 PRO do have extra health features that the Huawei GT3 Active does not have.

The first feature is the ECG analysis, which can take a reading of your heart rhythm and detect if the rhythm is normal. I have this app work on auto, because I do prioritise heart health in a smart watch, and the watch will make suggestions when you should do a reading.

A lot of the time, the ECG app will activate 30 minutes after my workout, especially when I reach a training stress level 2 because I maintain that higher heart levels for a period of time.

Third Party App Ability : Draw

FeatureGT3 ActiveGT3 PRO
Connection TypeBluetoothBluetooth
App Stores2/52/5
In Direct Ability5/55/5
Direct Ability4/54/5
Final Score11/1511/15

If you are not familiar with the term smart feature ability, it’s the smart watch’s ability to interact with third party applications. This can be done in two ways which is indirectly, where you share your Huawei Health tracking info with the third party app, and directly which is where you can control third party apps directly from your device.

For those of you that have a premium level subscription like Strava and Komoot, you can connect via indirect method. You should also check if the third party app that you frequently use can pair as a partnership with Huawei Health. It’s very early days but Huawei are slowly working with third party apps for Huawei watch users to gain access to.

Direct method, not a big app gallery to choose from, but I can only speak from my own experience based in New Zealand. The only two apps that are useful is petal maps (similar to google maps) and watch controller which is a app that can control your Spotify account.

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I was hoping that the Huawei GT3 PRO would have some additional features, however that wasn’t the case and both devices offer the same experience hence this category is a draw.

Workout Mode Ability : Winner Huawei GT3 PRO

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro Metronome feature
CriteriaGT3 ActiveGT3 PRO
StrengthAverageVery Strong
SpecialityHealthWell Rounded
Basic Level5/55/5
Intermediate Level5/55/5
Advanced Level2/53/5
Final Score12/1513/15

When it comes to tracking your workouts, the Huawei GT3 PRO has the edge over the Huawei GT3 Active, and it’s really in the intermediate level and advance level features that set it apart, which is a good thing if that is something that you are after in a smart watch. I will point out the extra features that the Huawei GT3 PRO has but if you want to see the full test results if you want to know more information.

  • Golf coach : if you are someone that’s into Golf, the Huawei GT3 PRO could be a good option for you. I will be doing a future article on this once I have found someone who plays Golf to test my watch’s.
  • Diving : I have not tested this myself but there is a diving mode that only works to the depths of 30m underwater. I will be doing a future article on this experience.
  • Lactic threshold : Is a feature used to improve running performance where you do a series of four different test’s to determine your ideal pace. Once you know what your training pace should be, your heart rate would be at the ideal point before lactic acid is generated rapidly.
  • Ability to prepare you for a race : Is a feature used to simulate your training progress for a marathon or half marathon.
  • Workout status will show extra features : the main feature that is offered is the training index, which is only offered to the more high end Huawei devices. Training index can measure your fitness level and the level of fatigue based on the training intensity you undertake.

These are the extra features that you gain with the Huawei GT3 PRO. I do think that the Huawei GT3 Active is still a good choice considering that this device has a very strong score as well. For more information on how I test the devices for workout mode ability, check out these articles.

GPS Tracking : Draw

CriteriaGT3 ActiveGT3 PRO
No of Sensors55
Extra’sDual bandDual band
Basic test5/55/5
Hard test1/51/5
Very hard test4/54/5
Final Score10/1510/15

When it comes to GPS tracking both devices are fairly reliable. Since they both have the same built in features, my expectation is that the results should be the same, and it was. The only real failure is the Hard level test, where I planned my test route through my local town with very tall buildings near by.

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The result has definelty skewed the level of accuracy by a lot, an it has been consistently the same with all the devices that I have tested. If you want to see my test results for each device, click on the article links below.

Battery Life : Winner Huawei GT3 PRO

TestsGT3 ActiveGT3 PRO
StrengthLowVery Strong
Battery economy without GPS Tracking1/54/5
GPS Battery consumption3/55/5
Final Score4/109/10

When it comes to battery life the Huawei GT3 PRO almost gets a perfect score, which makes the overall experience very good. When I do a battery life test, I do two tests the first test is based on my typical usage without GPS, and the second test is GPS battery consumption. That way you can get a fair idea what the battery life could possibly look like for you. For more information on how I go about testing devices for battery life click on the links below to review.

Battery Economy Without GPS Tracking Comparison

  • battery life test ends once 90% has been consumed
  • test results are based on my typical usage
  • Huawei GT3 PRO is 80% more efficient than the Huawei GT3 Active
CriteriaGT3 ActiveGT3 PRO
Battery economy without GPS Tracking18%10%
No of days59
Star rating1/54/5

GPS Battery Consumption

  • Battery life test ends once 90% has been consumed
  • test results is based on my typical usage
  • The Huawei GT3 PRO is two times more efficient than the GT3 Active when it comes to GPS battery consumption
CriteriaGT3 ActiveGT3 PRO
Battery economy without GPS Tracking18%10%
GPS Battery consumption per hour13%6%
Total battery consumption per day31%16%
No of days36

Final Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have learnt a lot about both devices in comparison. There was a lot of information to process so I hope that the way I presented the information helps provide confidence before you decide to buy.

Especially the difference in price as the Huawei GT3 PRO is two times the price of the Huawei GT3 Active here in New Zealand, so I do understand that you may get cold feet before deciding to buy, because it’s an important question to look at before you spend that cold hard cash you worked hard to earn.

Based on this comparison article that 50% loading is really invested into the three categories that the Huawei GT3 PRO has won. I guess I would leave it up to you if it justifies spending that little bit more for the Huawei GT3 PRO, but I will be doing a future article on whether the Huawei GT3 PRO is worth buying, but still requires a little more research at my end.

Also the Huawei GT3 Active is still a very good smart watch, and what really matters is the smart watch users intent. Which is why I test each device in six different categories. Pick out the categories that matter to you most, and see what the level of strength is, which gives an indication of how reliable the device is in this category. Thank you for reading.