Huawei GT3 PRO : Altitude Accuracy is Fairly Average

If you are thinking of buying the Huawei GT3 Pro but you weren’t to sure if the Altitude tracking is within a reasonable level of accuracy, then this article will definelty be of interest to you. After reviewing the Huawei GT3 pro for it’s Altitude accuracy, I have rated the device a 3 out of 5, here is a short summary of my final results.

Average error (metric)+16 m / -0 m
Average error (Imperial)+52 ft / -0 ft

I have tested many Huawei devices, and it’s generally the same across the board, and that it’s altitude accuracy is about average. From a testing perspective, this error that’s accumulated, is out of my control, and there is no way for me to alter the results by doing things differently.

Im talking about things like, the number of satellites available, weather(air pressure) or the built in algorithm, which all have an affect on altitude accuracy. Please continue to read to view all of my testing results, including where the Huawei GT3 pro is ranked in the market.

How Do I test The Device for Altitude

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro Metronome feature

This might seem like a simple way to test things, but the most important thing is to make sure the tracking data for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is compared to a really reliable source of data. Finding the perfect app to test against was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to find one.

I thought it would be a good idea to use an online topographical map to compare against the altitude readings from the application for testing purposes. If they are within ±10 m of each other, that should be good enough, and I will explain why later in this post.

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I’ve chosen a local hiking trail in New Zealand, the Whakapipi track, to test the accuracy of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic’s altimeter. I’ll be selecting random waypoints along the track and comparing the altitude readings. This way, I can get a good idea of how well the watch is tracking altitude.

Also for the purposes of this test, I will be refreshing the altimeter app until I have a variance of ±10m (±32 ft). At times the device needs a bit of time to take the reading, and the track that I have chosen has a lot of high and low sections which should provide some interesting results.

How Do I Rate a Device

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro GPS racking (1)

In regards to device ratings, it is important to note that anything with a recording accuracy of plus or minus 10 meters (equivalent to approximately 32 feet) is generally considered to be of very high quality.

It is important to remember that some factors outside of one’s control can affect the level of accuracy when using such a device. These factors include the number of available satellites. Despite these factors, it is still possible to obtain a reasonably accurate idea of the altitude.

A rating system has been created to evaluate the precision of altitude measuring devices. The system employs a benchmark of ±10m (±32FT), with additional testing completed at ±5m (±16FT) intervals. The system is capable of precisely determining the accuracy of each device.

No of Stars± Accuracy (Metric)± Accuracy (Imperial)
411m – 15m36FT – 49FT
316m – 20m52FT – 66FT
221m – 25m69FT – 82FT
126m – 30m85FT – 98FT
031m plus102FT plus

Altitude Test Results

During the test at every waypoint the Huawei GT3 pro consistently recorded a higher altitude reading that the App results. At waypoints 3, 4 and 5, I think I was getting a very weak GPS signal because, my phone recorded an altitude reading thats ±22m (±72 ft).

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Metric Results

WaypointAppGT3 ProVariance
131 m42 m+11 m
243 m55 m+12 m
348 m63 m+15 m
462 m78 m+16 m
557 m74 m+17 m
651 m66 m+15 m
743 m54 m+11 m
827 m43 m+17 m

Imperial Results

WaypointAppGT3 ProVariance
1102 ft138 ft+36 ft
2141 ft180 ft+39 ft
3158 ft207 ft+49 ft
4203 ft256 ft+53 ft
5187 ft243 ft+56 ft
6167 ft217 ft+50 ft
7141 ft177 ft+36 ft
889 ft141 ft+52 ft

Waypoint 4 : Accuracy Tracking

Huawei GT3 PRO altitude testing waypoint 4

Waypoint 1 : Accuracy Tracking

Huawei GT3 PRO altitude testing waypoint 1

How Does The Huawei GT3 Pro Rank in the Market

Eventually this table will grow over time, but any device that has a 5 star rating has a very consistent and reliable altitude readings. I will be including the error variance in due course, as I think this kind of metric will interest someone who wants a smart watch that has a smaller error variance.

RankWatchRatingVariance Band
1Polar Ignite 355m
2Polar Pacer55m
3Galaxy Watch 6 Classic58m
4Galaxy Watch 5 Pro58m
5Garmin Forerunner 55422m
6Huawei GT3 Pro335m

Final Conclusion


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have found this article helpful. Although the Huawei GT3 pro altitude track is about average, at least you have an idea of what to expect before you decide to buy.

Altitude tracking can be a little tricky, and depending on the circumstance’s, the error variance can alter day by day. However if you are okay with the level of accuracy that the Huawei GT3 pro offers then at least you understand, and what to expect.

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I hope this short review has answered your question, thank you for reading