Huawei GT 3 : Using The Metronome Feature is Fantastic.

I have to say that the Metronome feature is such a powerful tool.  It’s so simple but yet it’s so effective.  The end result will allow you to train at an intensity for your body to experience and adapt.  This is very important when you are looking to improve on your personal performance in an event such as running or cycling. 

In this article I am going to share with you my experience using the metronome feature.  I am not a running or a cycling coach, but a person who likes to stay active.  I will be using mostly training logic for research purposes for this article.  I did manage to use the metronome feature successfully, so I will share with you my tips on using this feature and how to get the most out of it. In this article I will be mostly outdoor walking.

So what is The Metronome Feature

I have to admit, before writing this article I did not know what metronome was until I started playing around with the settings on my brand new Huawei Watch GT 3.  Without doing too much research about the feature, the Huawei experience allowed me to understand how the metronome feature works very easily.

From my experience, the metronome feature is a timing tool that helps you improve your cadence.  Your cadence is better known as your form efficiency, and is tracked and recorded as the number of steps per minute.  The metronome feature can improve that by setting a pace or rhythm for you to follow that will help increase your steps per minute.

This type of feedback to your training is crucial because it allows your body to experience the training intensity at that level.  Not only that, this also allows the Huawei GT 3 to analyse the stress or toll on your body.  Remember it’s about balance, so if you are looking to improve your personal performance, increased effort can burn out your body quicker.  You must allow your body to absorb that if you are looking to progressively improve.

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2 Options With The Metronome Feature That Can Be Detrimental

Like I mentioned earlier, the metronome feature is like a timing tool and The Huawei Watch GT 3 feature can improve your cadence in 2 ways, Vibration or by sound.  The metronome feature via vibration isn’t that great.  From my experience I can’t feel the vibration on my wrist so I found it hard to generate a rhythm to improve my cadence.  The impact on your battery life is minimal.  

If you use the sound option, it’s very clear.  It does have a massive drawback because the sound option can drain your battery.  Also when you do proceed with this option, the Huawei GT 3 will warn you that the sound option will drain your battery. Anyway I found it very easy to generate rhythm. Every time I heard the chime it was easy to align my pace to the sound and adapt.  I did a 500m run and the sound option used up 12% of my battery life which is pretty insane.  Please be aware of this when you are choosing between these options.

How Do You Make The Metronome Vibration Feature Work?

The vibration option is my preferred option as it uses a very minimal amount of battery life.  As a tip I would use the preview option when setting your cadence, that way you can get a sense of timing.  This is done during your warm up, for example when jogging on the spot, I would time my dominant foot placed on the great at the same time I feel the vibration on your wrist.  Keep doing that until you become familiar with the pace, then begin your workout.

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How Do You Set Up a Metronome Workout?

Huawei GT3 metronome settings
Metronome settings : Increase your cadence or set your beat for every beat by selecting preview.

This took me some time to figure out that would allow me to progressively improve my cadence.  In the end I was very happy with my results, so this is how I went about it.

Step 1 Complete a Workout.

It goes without saying but in order to begin you must have something to refer to.  Without it it’s hard to gauge especially when you are looking to improve.  Which is why I think it’s best to complete a workout.  Once done you have data to refer to, when setting your personal metronome.

Step 2 Increase Your Cadence

With a completed workout you have something to refer to. Check your exercise records and look for your cadence in that workout.  Then in your next workout increase your cadence by 3.  It may not seem much but it really does challenge you because you have to adapt to this new pace.  From my experience I found it to be a good number to start with.

Step 3 Reduce Your Distance

Reducing the distance from my last completed workout seems the most logical thing to do.  The way I saw it, is that my body would have never experienced this stress before so that is why I thought it was logical. I wasn’t sure at first so I started off by only doing a quarter of the distance.  When I completed my metronome workout, my estimate wasn’t too far off.  Because I increased my cadence by an extra 3 steps per minute, it took some time for my body to generate a rhythm and it really took a toll on my body.

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Step 4 Set Your Beats to Every 2 Beats

Final step is to set your beats to every two beats.  The beat range can go up to 6 beats, however starting it off at two I found was helpful with vibration. As my rhythm started to become more efficient, I experimented with the number of beats for every beat by increasing it.  From a logical perspective it made sense because you want to generate this new training pace naturally.  Did it work? Yes and I was quite lucky in that regard.

Final Conclusion

I learnt a lot by doing this research article.  I didn’t know what a metronome was, but now that’s all changed.  Metronome feature is a simple but yet effective feature that can help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Should you use it? I definitely think you should, from my experience in using this feature. The metronome feature is a very smart system that can help you achieve your goals progressively

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this article useful. If you currently own a Huawei GT 3 I have a playlist of tutorials you can follow.

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Huawei GT 3 Metronome
Huawei GT3 : Metronome feature is a fantastic tool that can help you achieve your fitness goals