Fitbit Charge 5 : Workout Mode Ability is at a Basic Level

When it comes to tracking your workouts, every fitness tracker and smart watch has the ability to do so. The real question you should be asking is how would this particular device aid me in my fitness journey, and at what level of performance would it improve my results?

That is why I have created a ranking system called workout mode ability. With this system you can determine if the device is worth buying for you. As a smart watch blogger I have to appreciate the fact that there are a lot of good options out there, based on your specific fitness level or goals.

In my final analysis, I have arrived at the conclusion that the Fitbit Charge 5 is deserving of a 7 out of 15 rating when it comes to its workout mode ability. Based on my own personal experiences and having tested many fitness trackers and smart watches over the years, I must say that this rating is a true reflection of the device as it stands in the market today. To briefly summarize my findings…

Activity LevelRating
Basic Level5/5
Intermediate Level2/5
Advanced Level0/5

So there you have it the final score. I will go into detail for each stages so you get an idea on what you are actually paying for and more importantly if it meets your needs in a fitness tracker. I will also provide insight on how the Fitbit Charge 5 ranks amongst it’s competitors in case you are looking at comparing the Fitbit Charge 5 and another device.

Fitbit Charge 5 Provides Everything You Need At a Basic Level

Workout Modes : The Fitbit Charge 5 has 20 different workout modes

When it comes to tracking your workouts at a very basic level, the Fitbit Charge 5 can be considered as a great option. It offers all the features you need at a basic level, so let me share with you what I go through when testing a device at a very basic level.

  • Calorie counting
  • Have various workout modes available to track (25 modes)
  • Heartrate tracking
  • Step counting
  • Duration of workout
  • Heart rate variation recording
  • Ability to connect to third party apps (directly or indirectly)
  • Auto detection workout.
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In order for a device to gain a single point in terms of rating, the Fitbit Charge 5 has to be very reliable during testing. I can say with confidence that the Fitbit Charge 5 passes with flying colours at a basic level but there are a few things you ned to know that only just gets a pass mark.

The only ability to be aware of is the auto detection workout. By default the auto detection is set at 15 minutes which is far too long. I was wondering why the workout mode didn’t activated after starting my workout until I discovered the default settings needed to change. 2 minutes is the best settings in my opinion, so if you change the settings to two minutes it would be better for you.

Auto detection exercises as shown. Change the auto detection from 15 to 2 minutes for a better experience.

Based on my experience the Fitbit Charge 5 deserves it’s 5 out of 5 rating at a basic level. If you are someone that is looking for a basic fitness tracker the Fitbit Charge 5 is a good option.

Fitbit Charge 5 Provides Some Intermediate Level Features

Set Goal : Great feature to use in order to get the most out of your workouts

When it comes to the intermediate level features, the Charge 5 does indeed offer some things that can be useful, but at the same time, there are also some things that are unreliable. The table below shows what I typically look at when I’m testing fitness trackers and smartwatches at this level. .

AvailableNot Available
Ability to measure training load/intensityAbility to determine your fitness level
GPS TrackingAbility to improve cadence
AI coach feature

When it comes to measuring training load, the Charge 5 can provide this using daily readiness score. There is a catch though, you must have a Fitbit premium subscription to make use of it. If you decide to not renew your free 6 month membership unfortunately this feature wont be available to you.

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Is daily readiness score reliable? Yes, I use this feature all the time and it’s a good tool to use especially for a new beginner to manage your training load as you progress through your fitness journey. If your score is high, then your body is capable of taking on high intensity workouts, but if it’s low you do recovery workouts instead such as walking or yoga.

As for GPS tracking workouts such as running or cycling unfortunately this feature is very unreliable and does not earn a point in my final rating. Waiting to get connected can take some time and even still there is no guarantee our route will be tracked. There are 3 modes for GPS tracking which is dynamic, GPS or phone. It’s better to use you your phones GPS, it’s far more accurate, than dynamic or GPS mode.

In the end the Charge 5 does deserve it’s 2 out of 5 rating for intermediate level features.

The Charge 5 Does Not Offer Any Advanced Level Features

Watch faces : great feature if you are targeting specific goals like mine

Unfortunately when it comes to advanced workout features, the Charge 5 does not offer it. It’s no surprises really because the Fitbit brand is really about about being active and not so much about high performance, which I believe appeals to many people who are after a basic fitness tracker. If you are curious as to what I test for at advanced level, see the bullet points below.

  • Ability to connect to motion sensors
  • Ability to prepare you for a race
  • Ability to provide advanced analytics (similar to Polar flow, Garmin Connect)
  • Ability to provide specialist features to improve performance
  • Advanced auto detection (automatically change workout modes based on your motion)
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How Does The Fitbit Charge 5 Compare In The Market

Timers : Great feature to assist you during your workouts

I know for sure that this part of the article will interest you. So where does the Fitbit Charge 5 sit on the ranking table, so far it’s sitting eighth. I had to re test my watch’s because this is a new rating system that I am using to test watch’s. Here is my results below.

RankBrandWatch SeriesSpecialtyScore
1GarminForerunner 55Multi Sport15
2PolarPacerMulti Sport15
3AppleWatch 7, 8 UltraWell Rounded15
4PolarIgnite 3Fitness15
5Huawei GT3 PROWell Rounded13
6HuaweiGT3Well Rounded12
7Huawei Watch Fit 2Well Rounded12
8HuaweiBand 7Well Rounded9
9SamsungGalaxy Watch 6 ClassicSmart apps8
10SamsungGalaxy Watch 4, 5, 5 ProSmart apps8
11FitbitVersa 4, Charge 5, Inspire 3Health7
12XiaomiS1 ActiveSmart apps6
Workout Mode Ability Ranking : Maximum score is 15 3 brands that I know hit the 15 mark rating. Coro and Amazfit watch’s could reach the 15 point mark, but I havent placed them on the list because I have not personally tested them.

The higher the rank the more advanced the watch can get to track your workouts. The ranking scale works vice versa if you are after a more simple fitness tracker. Does it really matter if the Charge 5 is rated very low? Well in my opinion, no, it all comes down to your personal preferences, and from my perspective, providing you the best information to you before you make a decision to buy.

Final Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have learnt a lot about the Charge 5’s workout mode ability. A final score of 7 out of 15 is a true reflection on how I see the watch and also how it ranks in the market.

The Fitbit Charge 5 is really a basic fitness tracker which happens to be one of it’s greatest strengths. I think it’s simplicity makes the watch very appealing in my opinion, which also depends on how tech savvy you are when using smart devices.

Once again thank you so much for reading and I will end this article by giving you a quick summary on who would find the Charge 5 useful, and get good value for their money.

Who Would Find The Charge 5 of Value?

  • Anyone after a simple fitness tracker
  • A person who is starting out their fitness journey
  • Anyone with very little tech savvy skills