Xiaomi S1 Active : Smart Feature Ability is Very Strong

When it comes to smart features, the Xiaomi S1 Active provides a lof features that will make your life easier. However after testing the watch for the past week I beg to differ.

If you are not familiar with the term smart feature ability, it refers to the ability of a device to perform a function with some form of automation, and it is these useful features that make your experience that much better.

In the end, the Xiaomi S1 Active earns a final score of 10 out of 15 for its smart feature ability. The score is good, but it could be higher if some of the features provided were more reliable. Here are the final results of my review.

Final Score10/15
Xiaomi S1 Active scores a 10 out of 15 for smart feature ability.

In my overall experience with the watch, using the smart features was a bit hit or miss, but I have to say that it’s basic functionality is great but missed. If smart features is something that you want in a watch then this article is for you. I will provide a detailed explanation of how I rate each of the smart features, including a discussion on how the S1 Active ranks in the market.

S1 Active At Basic Level is Reasonable : 4 out of 5

Stopwatch or timer, one of the smart features at basic level.

I was quite taken aback to discover that the S1 Active was not providing all of the necessary smart features at a basic level. After testing each feature that was available, I will now share with you what I test for at this level, including what features are included and not included.

AvailableNot Available
Do not disturb abilityAbility to find your phone
Ability to reply to messages with preset messages
Ability to set alarm or timer
S1 Active only has 3 out of 4 basic level smart features.

In order to score a point, it is necessary for the device to perform reliably and consistently in all aspects of the test across all levels. At the basic level, the S1 Active did perform consistently well based on the available basic level smart features, so it deserves its final rating of 4 out of 5.

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What’s also great is that you can manually activate each feature, and you can also use Alexa to automatically activate the features. There is a slight delay when you use Alexa to activate the features, but I can only speak from experience here in New Zealand.

Alexa activations take somewhere around 10 seconds to complete, whereas using the Fitbit devices it is much faster. I believe it may be due to the language used in the Alexa command that affects the speed of activation, as we dont have a language for New Zealand English.

S1 Active Performs Okay At Intermediate Level : 3 out of 5

Music control is very good, especially with the large screen

At the intermediate level of smart features, the S1 Active has seven out of the nine features that I test for at this level. The only issue is that only a few of them performed reliably and consistently. Here is my final result at this level, including what is available and what is not available.

AvailableNot Available
Ability to answer phone callsAbility to save battery life
Ability to talk back to watch userAbility to make phone calls*
Ability to improve time management
Contactless payment*
Ability to contact emergency contact*
Ability to control music
Ability to lock out water
S1 Active has 7 of the 9 smart features at intermediate level, features with * did not perform reliably

In the end, the S1 active deserves a final rating of three out of five at this level. I will explain in detail the smart features that did not perform well enough to deserve a higher rating

The ability to answer phone calls is a feature that the S1 Active performed quite reliably and consistently. It is worth noting, however, that the only catch is that the phone must be in Bluetooth range to answer the call. So it is important to make sure that your phone is close to the device when you are receiving a call.

The watch user has the ability to talk back using artificial intelligence or a digital assistant like Alexa or Siri. This feature helps to engage the user with the device and is especially beneficial for those with visual impairments. The S1 Active has been dependable and consistent in its performance with this capability.

When it comes to managing your time and keeping track of your schedule, the S1 Active is a reliable and consistent performer. You can manage your schedule manually by granting the device access to your phone’s calendar information, or use the convenient Alexa feature to streamline the process. Either way, the S1 Active has got you covered.

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In New Zealand, the banks that are compatible with the S1 Active payment system do not include Xiaomi Pay. As a result, I could not test the system for contactless payments. When I tried to activate my debit card, the system timed out and shut down for security reasons. To ensure compatibility with the payment system, it is recommended that potential buyers check with their bank before making a purchase.

The S1 Active has the ability to contact your emergency contact in the event of an emergency. To activate the SOS call works very well, and you may have to try a couple of times to get it to work. If you push it to slow you will activate the short cut to your workout modes, so make sure you push the sport button fast three times. The only issue I have with this feature is that it doesnt send a secondary message to your emergency contact. Other devices send a test message with a link to your location, or GPS coardinates in case you are in a very rugged remote area. For that reason, I dont think it’s a reliable feature in an emergency situation.

The control of music on the S1 Active is extremely reliable and consistent. You cannot store music files directly onto the watch, however, you are able to stream music through Bluetooth from either your phone or tablet. The S1 Active has a significantly large screen, which makes skipping through your music a breeze, and adjusting the volume is also quite easy.

The Water lock feature does work with the S1 Active. but it’s done differently than other watches. Normally you lock out the watch before you enter the water, but with the S1 Active, you can enter the water while the watch is still on and when your done use the water lock feature to detect and force out as much water as possible. The S1 Active does have a water resistance rating of 5ATM, therefore the feature does work consistently and reliably.

S1 Provides Advanced Smart Features : 3 out of 5

S1 Active has Alexa built in

At advanced level, the S1 Active has four out of eight advanced smart features built in, that performs consistent and reliable tasks. Here is what I test for at advanced level, including the features that are available on the S1 Active

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AvailableNot Available
Ability to provide assistance (google, Alexa or Bixby)Live stream to devices
Ability to connect to smart devicesAbility to use gestures to quick access features
Ability to provide a magnetic compassSmart touch ability(interact with watch for disabled persons)
Ability to measure air pressureAbility to provide direction (similar to google maps, Petal maps)

When it comes to providing you with assistance, the S1 Active has Alexa built in. This feature has performed consistently and reliably for me. What I did find is that this feature takes a little bit of time to execute the instruction because in New Zealand, Alexa doesn’t have New Zealand English accents. If you are patient enough to wait for it, this feature does work well and it’s very helpful when choosing your workout mode. It saves you from sorting through a hundred different modes.

When it comes to connecting to smart devices with the S1 Active, it uses Alexa to connect to smart devices, which gives you the ability to control your smart devices from your watch. I only own one item that is compatible with Alexa control which is a robot vaccum and accessing and controling did work well and consistently. I will be buying more items that are compatible with Alexa control because I want to judge the devices ability using multiple items. I will be updating this article in due course.

When it comes to air pressure readings, the S1 Active has a built-in air pressure sensor that is used for the altimeter function. In simpler terms, it’s a way to predict the weather. If the air pressure is low, it’s more likely to rain. This feature is very useful if you are an outdoor adventurer and works well with a magnetic compass, both of which performed consistently and reliably

How Does The S1 Active Rank in the Market

S1 Active can make a SOS call when an emergency arises.

With a score of 10 out of 15, the S1 Active is a great choice if smart features are your main priority. I personally think that it performed very and the devices that sit above the S1 Active are far more expensive. Here is a list of the devices that I tested and ranked.

Final Conclusion

S1 Active can measure elevation when hiking

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found this article helpful. I do believe that the final rating of 10 out of 15 is a very good score for this device, but I do not believe that it should of scored a lot higher if some of the features performed consistently and reliably.

Thus far, the S1 Active’s foremost strength is its smart features, as based on my current testing, the device has not performed exceptionally well. Is it worth purchasing if smart features are a priority for you? Review my article once more and identify the features that have not performed well. If a feature that is important to you did not perform well, then the device may not be suitable for you.

Once again thank you for reading.