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Versa 4 : Are The Premium Watch Faces Useful?

If you are scrolling through the Fitbit premium offer, you will notice that the last feature is the ability to use Premium watch faces. When I saw this option I immediately thought to myself what advatages do you gain from using premium watch faces? In my mind a watch face is just a watch face with some additional information.

After using the premium watch faces for a couple of days I began to realize that the premium watch faces are no different to the free watch faces in terms of functionality. But there is a difference, and there is a reason why these watch faces are premium, which I will explain in this article.

Now I can only speak from my own experience when using the premium watch faces but I am sure that these watch faces maybe be useful to other users. So in this article I will go through each watch face, what it’s for and why I think you should use it, but that’s if you do decide to use it of course.

So What Makes a Good Watch Face

In my own view, a good watch face is one that aligns with the user’s personality or the ability to provide valuble information when chasing your fitness goals. What I mean by this is, think about the main reason why you purchased the watch, and then have that information presented to you on the face of the watch.

From personal experience, I like to switch watch faces that checks my overall status of my workout activity and then I would switch to a different watch face that’s very stylish when I am out socialising or in the office.

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What Does The Premium Watch Face Provide

As mentioned I have been using the premium watch faces for a few days and I have found that the watch face is premium because it draws data from the premium features like sleep scores, daily readiness score, and heart rate readings.

The premium watch face is very specific and depending on your own personal goals, Fitbit have designed a watch face that allows the user to look at a glance at their specific goals. Fitbit offers a watch face that focuses on sleep, daily readiness, daily activity and weekly activity. I will explain next what those watch faces are

What Are The Watch Faces On Offer?

There are four different watch faces that Fitbit offers that is compatable with the Fitbit Versa 4 and Fitbit Sense 2 only. Im not sure what watch faces can be used with other Fitbit devices, but I will recharge all my Fitbit devices and provide some insight to you all. Here are the watch faces that are compatible with the Fitbit Versa 4 and Fitbit Sense 2 only:

1. Paths Premium Watch Face

If you are someone that likes to use Fitbit’s daily readiness score, then this watch face could be suitable for you. It can also provide your heart rate readings but apart from that, that’s all that this watch face offers.

I use the daily readiness score a lot and I think it would be better if it offers the full daily readiness score experience. All it really offers is the final score, but for me personally I like to see the other metrics that contribute with the final score like sleep, activity and stress. There is plenty of canvas space to place those metrics onto the watch face so would be nice if those metrics added to the watch face.

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2. My Sleep Animal Premium Watch Face

Sleep animals is a feature that many smart watch brands use to represent your sleep behaviour. With this watch face, it focus’s on your sleep behaviour insights. If you are not familiar with the sleep animal system, your sleep data is analysed at the end of each month, and based on that data it will assign a sleep animal based on your sleep behaviour.

What you see in the watch face above is about 5 months of sleep data. From personal experience my sleep animal has been a dolphin for the past 4 months. When I see the dolphin animal it tells me that I need to change my habits, by winding down 1 hour before bed. According to my sleep score’s one part of the brain cant shut off, which is the dolphin behaviour.

If sleep health is a priority then this watch face maybe helpful to you.

3. Streaks Premium Watch Face

If you are someone that loves to challenge yourself by smashing your step goals then this watch face could be useful to you. The great thing about this watch face is that it can provide the entire week of your step goals. You dont need to use your phone to access your information. I think the ability to see the whole weeks step goals is really handy.

4. Trails Premium Watch Face

Out of all of the watch faces on offer, the trails watch face is the only one you can customise. The great thing about this watch face is that you can add metrics that are of interest to you, which spirals around the watch face.

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This watch face is my favourite out of all of them, and I am sure it’s used a lot by many premium Fitbit subscribers. From personal experience, I like this watch face a lot better because there will be times where my goals will change, therefore you can change the metrics you see when your fitness level progress’s.

Final Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you have learnt a lot about the premium watch faces that Fitbit offers. Please note that the watch faces mentioned are only available for the Versa and Sense Watch series.

Are the premium watch faces useful? its hard to say but the only way to know is to give it a try yourself. The only tip that I can give is have a hard think about what your goals are and think about the level of convenience it offers. Convenience is a hard thing to measure, but if I was to offer any tips think about what metrics that you always look at when you have to use your phone.

The function of the watch face in my opinion is to provide information that matters to you. So it makes sense that the information that matters to you is presented in a watch face interaction. Here is a quick summary of this article

Quick Summary

  • Fitbit premium watch faces data from the premium features, hence premium watch face.
  • The watch faces in this article only applies to the Versa and Sense watch series
  • There are 4 premium watch faces that is compatible with the Versa and Sense watch series.
  • Think about your goals and align a watch face that would suit you.
  • Trails premium watch face has the ability to customise and is the only watch face that can align with your progress.