Huawei Watch GT Runner : Waterproof and Built for Runners

Huawei has just announced their latest smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT Runner. This watch is specifically designed for runners, and it features a waterproof design that allows you to run in all weather conditions. It also comes with a number of built-in running profiles that will help you track your progress and performance.

What is ISO, and How does it relate to Water Resistance

The International Organization for Standardization is an international standards body that develops and publishes international standards. These standards are designed to ensure that products and services are of a high quality and are safe for use. The ISO has a wide range of standards, including the ISO22801 standard for water-resistant watches.

What Is ISO 22815 Water Resistance?

The ISO 22815 standard is an international guideline that defines the requirements for water-resistant watches. This standard was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in order to provide a consistent level of protection for watches that are designed to be worn during activities where they may be exposed to water.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner meets the ISO 22815 standard, which means it is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters. This makes it ideal for runners who want to take their watch with them on their runs, regardless of the weather conditions.

In addition to being waterproof, the Huawei Watch GT Runner is also designed to be extremely durable.

What are the ISO Tests to achieve Water Resistance 5ATM

Under ISO 22815, the test’s are clearly outlined specifically. I will keep it simple and do my best to explain in plain English the test regime. I will not outline it exactly as I dont want to breach any copy right. However it will be a rough guideline on what it takes to achieve the ISO 22815 certification.

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There are different tests must be done by the ISO test specifications. Here are the different tests conducted for water resistance.

  • Condensation Test : This test is to check the device’s level of water resistance (ability to resist water penetration). first you place the watch on a heated plate. You then allow it to heat up to a certain temp. Second you monitor the temperature of the glass so it is the same temperature of the plate. Then place a drop of water on the glass, let it sit for a minute then wipe the drop of water off. If the glass shows signs of condensation on the internal glass, then it is a fail.
  • Water Resistance to Overpressure : Put the watch in a container of water. Raise the pressure in the container to 2 bar overpressure in 1 minute. Hold it at this pressure for 10 minutes. Then, reduce the pressure back down to ambient pressure in 1 minute. If there is any water leakage into the watch, it is a fail.
  • Resistance to operative parts : The watch is immersed in water with a force of 5 N perpendicular to the crown and pusher buttons (if any) for 10 minutes. This test simply means that if you are use your watch while it is dipped in water, there is no protrusion of water entering your device while pushing the side buttons or front face of the watch (crown).
  • Resistance to different temperatures : The watch is immersed in 10 cm of water at the following temperatures for 5 minutes each: 40 °C, 20 °C, and then again at 40 °C. The transition between temperatures must not exceed 1 minute. No evidence of water intrusion or condensation is allowed. Thermal expansion can be bad, hence the reason why most manufacturers refrain you from using your watch in a hot hot sauna. Material expands in warmer environments, and contracts in cooler environments. There is a small chance water can get through.
  • Resistance to air overpressure : The watch must not release more than 50 μg/min of air when exposed to an overpressure of 2 bar.
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The Huawei Watch GT Runner has passed all of these tests with flying colors, which means you can take it with you on your runs, no matter what the weather conditions are like.

ISO is a label you can trust that Your Watch is Water Resistant

Now that you understand how the ISO tests are conducted for water resistance and what the requirements are, you can be confident that when you see the ISO label on a watch, it means that the watch is truly water-resistant.

Its not easy to maintain ISO standards, I know from experience in manufacturing, where your processes are audited to meet the high ISO quality requirements.

When choosing a watch, make sure to look for the ISO label to be confident that it is truly water-resistant.

5ATM is excellent Water Resistance for this Watch

5ATM is the smart watch standard across the board when it comes to water resistance. The Huawei Watch GT Runner is a watch that is built for runners, the only form of any water exposure when running would be rain, heavy rain, fog, humidity (summer weather), water splash and sweat. 5ATM is more than capable handling these types of water exposures. So dont worry when you go for a run and then the weather turns bad half way through your run. Just keep charging forward.

You can still go out and have a swim with your watch, as long as the watch does not stay submerged for long periods of time. Also when you wave your arms in the water with the watch on, it can increase the pressure forced onto the watch which may cause a water leak into the device.

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Just make sure that when your watch does get wet, that you dry it off as soon as possible to prevent any water damage.


Huawei has just announced their latest smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT Runner. This watch is specifically designed for runners and has a water resistance that meets ISO 22815. This watch is also built with a durable and lightweight material, making it the perfect device to take with you on your runs. The Huawei Watch GT Runner is sure to be a hit with runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Order yours today and be one of the first to get your hands on this new smartwatch. Thanks for reading!