Garmin Forerunner 55 : Swimming Features Added For The First Time

Garmin has just released the Forerunner 55, which is the next generation of fitness trackers to the Forerunner 45. The big news with this release is that swimming features have been added for the first time. This is a huge step forward for Garmin, as swimming is now a supported activity for the Forerunner series.

There are 10 different swimming features that have been added, and each one offers unique benefits for athletes. In this article, we will take a closer look at each of these features and explain why they are so important.

Swimming Features Have Been Added For The First Time in This Forerunner Series

What will a multi sport watch be without swimming features. Hence the reason for it’s addition in the new Garmin Forerunner 55 watch. Since Garmin made the announcement that the forerunner series will now become a multisport watch. Things needed to change. The user experience had to change from a runner watch to multi sport watch. Garmin are no stranger’s to multi sport.

They have so many features that’s been tried, tested and updated for the best user experience. I mean Garmin is made for multi sport, and have been experts in this field for a number of years. My only question is, what Will Garmin offer in this Forerunner series?, to my surprise I think Garmin have kind of hit the mark, but I will let you be the judge of that.

Feature 1 : What is Garmin’s Pool Swim Metrics? And What Are It’s Benefits?

Garmin’s Pool Swim Metrics is a feature that allows you to see your swimming metrics while you are in the pool. This is beneficial because it will allow you to track your progress and see how far you have swam, your stroke rate, and your distance per stroke. This feature is also great for those who are new to swimming, as it can help you learn the proper techniques and form.

Feature 2 : Garmin’s Swimming Profile, What Is It And It’s Benefits?

Swimming is a difficult sport to track, because you’re constantly moving and changing directions. That’s where Garmin’s Swimming Profile comes in – it’s designed to give you the most accurate tracking possible.

There are three main benefits to using the Swimming Profile:

  • You can see your pace for each length, so you can see how evenly you’re swimming.
  • You can see your distance for each stroke type, so you can focus on improving your technique.
  • And finally, you can see your total distance and time for the session, so you can track your progress over time.

If you’re a swimmer, then the Swimming Profile is a great way to get the most out of your Forerunner 55.

Feature 3 : Garmin’s Stroke Detection, What Is it And What Are it’s Benefits?

Stroke detection is a new feature on the Forerunner 55, and it’s a really cool one. So what is stroke detection? Well, Garmin’s stroke detection uses an algorithm to analyse your swim strokes and then provides feedback on your performance. It can also give you tips on how to improve your swimming technique.

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There are several benefits to using stroke detection. First, it can help you swim more efficiently. Second, it can help you identify areas where you need to improve your technique. Third, it provides motivation to keep swimming and improving your performance.

I think that’s why Garmin decided to add this feature to the Forerunner 55. It’s a great addition for anyone who wants to swim more efficiently and improve their swimming technique.

Feature 4 : Garmin’s Drill Logging, What Is It And What Are It’s Benefits?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how many laps you swam in your last session, as well as what your average pace was? Well, now with the Forerunner 55’s Drill Logging feature, you can do just that! This features gives users the ability to log their swims by lap or set, allowing them to track their progress over time.

Not only is this feature great for those who like to keep track of their swimming workouts, but it can also be beneficial for competitive swimmers who are looking to improve their times. By being able to see exactly how many laps they’ve swam and at what pace, they can identify areas where they need to focus on in order to make faster progress.

Feature 5 : Garmin’s Basic Rest Timer, What Is It And What Are it’s Benefits?

Garmin’s Basic Rest Timer is a feature that automatically tracks your resting time and provides you with an estimate of how long it will take you to recover from exercise. This is based on your heart rate, so it’s more accurate than other fitness trackers on the market.

The benefits of this are that you can see how hard you’ve worked out and how long it will take you to recover, so you can plan your workouts accordingly. This is a great feature for beginners or those new to exercise, as it can help you gauge your level of fitness and avoid overtraining.

This feature is also great for experienced athletes who want to push themselves hard and see how their body is responding to exercise. It can help you fine-tune your training and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts. 

Feature 6 : Garmin’s Repeat on Rest Timer, What is It And What Are It’s Benefits?

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a great swim workout, and you just need to take a quick break. But then you forget what lap you’re on, or how many laps you have left. Garmin’s Repeat on Rest Timer feature is here to help with that.

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With the Repeat on Rest Timer, you can set a timer for your rest periods between sets. The timer will start automatically when you stop swimming, and will vibrate to remind you when it’s time to start swimming again. This feature is especially helpful if you’re swimming in a group or with a coach, as it can help keep everyone on track.

There are a few benefits to using the Repeat on Rest Timer. First, it can help you stay focused during your workout by keeping you on track with your rest periods. Second, it can help you avoid over-training by making sure you’re taking enough rest between sets. And third, it can help you save time by eliminating the need to stop and start your watch manually.

Feature 7 : Garmin’s Auto Rest, What Is It And What Are it’s Benefits?

If you’re anything like me, then you’re always looking for ways to improve your swimming. Whether it’s increasing your speed, improving your technique, or simply trying to swim further distances, there’s always room for improvement. And that’s where Garmin’s Auto Rest comes in.

Auto Rest is a new feature on the Forerunner 55 that automatically takes a break when you need it. It does this by monitoring your heart rate and swimming stroke, and then giving you a short break when it detects that you’re starting to tire.

This is a great feature for two reasons. First, it means that you can swim for longer periods of time without getting too tired. And second, it means that you can swim at a higher intensity for longer periods of time, as you’re not constantly stopping to take a break.

Feature 8 : Garmin’s Count Down Start, What Is It And What Are It’s Benefits?

When you’re in the pool and ready to start your swim workout, you can use the forerunner’s count-down start feature. This is a new feature for the forerunner series and it’s very beneficial if you want to get an accurate swim workout in.

The count-down start feature allows you to time your swimming intervals so you can keep track of your swimming progress. It’s also great for when you’re doing a swim workout with friends and you want to start at the same time. This feature is very accurate and it’s a great addition to the forerunner series.

Feature 9 : Garmin’s Time And Distance Alerts, What Is It And What Are It’s Benefits?

The next swimming feature I want to talk about is Garmin’s Time and Distance Alerts. This feature is designed to help you keep track of your swimming workouts, by alerting you when you’ve reached a certain distance or time goal.

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There are two main benefits of this feature. Firstly, it can help to motivate you by letting you know when you’ve achieved a milestone. Secondly, it can help you to structure your workouts more effectively, by allowing you to focus on specific goals.

So, if you’re looking for a way to stay on track with your swimming training, or simply want a little extra motivation, then Time and Distance Alerts could be just what you need.

Feature 10 : Garmin’s Underwater Heart Rate, What Is It And What Are It’s Benefits?

The last of the new swimming features is Garmin’s underwater heart rate sensor. This uses optical sensors to read your heart rate while you’re swimming. It’s a great feature for those who want to track their fitness progress or monitor their heart health while they’re in the pool.

There are several benefits to using this feature, including:

  • You can see your heart rate while you’re swimming without having to stop and check your pulse.
  • It’s a great way to monitor your heart health while you’re exercising.
  • It can help you track your fitness progress over time.

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that can do it all, the Garmin Forerunner 55 is a great option. It’s packed with features and it’s perfect for athletes of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, the Forerunner 55 has something to offer.

Final Conclusion

And there you have it ! The Garmin Forerunner 55 is the first in the series to offer swimming features, and we think it’s a great addition. There are ten swimming features in total, each with its own benefits.

I did mention earlier in this article that I was surprised on the number of features offered in the Forerunner 55 series. Not to mention the variety of features that can help you monitor your stroke, technique, pace and so forth. Are you getting your money’s worth? I think so, but it comes down to your own personal preference. Having so many features dont mean it’s a great watch, what matters is the user experience. I would have to say Garmin have come pretty close.

If you are thinking of upgrading to or buying the Forerunner 55, I hope you found this article useful before you decide to purchase. Check out my other articles on the Forerunner 55 and the Forerunner 255. There is some information in here that may help answer your questions. Thank you for reading

A recap of all the Swimming Features in The Garmin Forerunner 55

  • Pool swim metrics
  • Swimming Profile : Swim
  • Stroke detection
  • Basic rest time
  • Repeat on rest timer
  • Auto rest
  • Countdown start
  • Time and distance alerts
  • Underwater heart rate monitoring