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Galaxy Watch 5 : Smart Feature Ability Is Fantastic

What is the meaning of smart feature ability? Smart feature ability is something that I like to identify as a complete list of features that can assist you in your day-to-day life. If you haven’t read my articles on device comparisons, smart feature ability is the first category that I like to talk about when comparing devices.

In this article, I have created a rating system that shows a watch’s ability when it comes to smart features. For me personally, I think that having a rating system gives you the best perspective before you make a purchase of a smart watch. This is my first article using this rating system, but after you finish reading this article, you will be able to see a smart watch from my point of view.

As for the Galaxy Watch 5, it’s smart feature ability is really good. In fact it’s the Galaxy Watch’s greatest strength with an almost perfect score of 14 out of 15. I will provide a full break down but here is the final results using the new rating system.

Final Score14/15
  • Basic Level : Ability to find your watch, Ability to find your phone, Ability to set alarm or timer, Ability to reply to messages with preset messages, Do not disturb ability,
  • Intermediate Level : Ability to control music, Ability to contact emergency contact, Ability to answer phone calls, Ability to make phone calls, Contactless payment, Ability to lock out water, Ability to talk back to watch user, Ability to save battery life, Ability to improve time management.
  • Advanced Level : Live stream to devices, Ability to connect to smart devices, Ability to provide a magnetic compass, Ability to measure air pressure, Ability to use gestures to quick access features, Smart touch ability(interact with watch for disabled persons), Ability to provide assistance (google, Alexa or Bixby), Ability to provide direction (similar to google maps, Petal maps)
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The Galaxy Watch Provides Everything You Need At Basic Level

Google media player, is a smart feature I use a lot.

As a bare minimum all smart watch’s in my opion should be able to provide the following things

  • Ability to find your watch,
  • Ability to find your phone,
  • Ability to set alarm or timer,
  • Ability to reply to messages with preset messages,
  • Do not disturb ability,

The great thing about the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is that it defiantly has all of these features available to you. However with the Galaxy Watch series, they provide the basic smart features to a more advanced level.

A good example of the quick reply feature is probably one of the best and is very similar to the Apple Watch series when it comes to replying to messages. It comes with basic preset messages you can use, but it also allows you to reply with a recorded message. I find leaving a voice message is very convenient, especially when you are driving.

The find your watch and phone feature is a little more advanced as well. When you link your Samsung watch to your Google account, you can find your phone or watch using the chrome browser. You have to log into the same google account that your watch is connected to and then go to the search and look up Google find my device. Once logged in you can pinpoint your watch or phone using the google maps.

The Galaxy Watch Provides Everything You Need At Intermediate Level

New feature safety and emergency can now be set up with the Galaxy Watch

When it comes to intermediate smart features, the Galaxy Watch has you covered. To be honest, I think that this level of features is the one that gets used the most. In my experience I only really use some of the features available because it ties in well with my day to day activities.

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I have created a table below that will help guide you. The column watch feature relates to the Galaxy Watch and what to look out for when you want to use the feature. From personal experience all of the features on offer is very good and does match what Apple offers. If any of these features is something that would assist you in your day to day activities, then the Galaxy Watch can provide a very nice experience.

My favourite intermediate features is music playback, google wallet, watch only mode and water lock. I use those features everyday and have been very reliable every time I use it.

AbilityWatch FeaturePersonal Experience
Ability to control musicMedia PlayerFantastic feature, no issues when using
Ability to contact emergency contactSafety & EmergencyDuring testing, feature works really well
Ability to lock out waterWater LockSmart feature that lets you know when water is drained
Ability to answer phone callsSamsung phone appFantastic feature, so clear during calls
Contactless paymentGoogle walletA feature I use everyday without any issues in New Zealand
Ability to talk back to watch userVariousI dont use to save battery life, but handy. i.e. workout milestones, interact with user
Ability to save battery lifeWatch only ModeA feature that I use a lot when trying to conserve battery life
Ability to improve time management.CalendarSomething that I rarely use, but interaction is very easy to use.

The Galaxy Watch Provides Some Useful Advanced Smart Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 gesture control
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 gesture control

In the market today, not many smartwatches that I have tested really have the smart advanced features. Only Apple watch devices had the advantage over many smart watch brands across the globe.

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In the table below, the watch feature column is the name of the feature built in the Galaxy Watch, at least that way you can look it up. Smart things is a new feature that’s just been added in February 2023 and I will be writing up a future article sharing my experience using live stream and connecting to smart devices.

AbilityWatch FeaturePersonal Experience
Live stream to devicesSmart thingsNew feature added to galaxy watch
Ability to connect to smart devicesSmart thingsNew feature added to galaxy watch
Ability to measure air pressureWeatherOnly available if barometer is built in
Ability to provide a magnetic compassCompassOnly available if geomagnetic sensor is built in
Ability to use gestures to quick access featuresGesturesDoesn’t work all the time
Smart touch abilityN/AA feature that the galaxy watch does not have
Ability to provide assistanceGoogle assistanceLanguage unavailable in New Zealand
Ability to provide directionGoogle MapsCurrently testing for a future article

How Does The Galaxy Watch Compare in The Market.

I mentioned earlier in the article that smart features is the Galaxy Watch’s greatest strength, and I think this information will be of interest to you. You will find in the below table that the Galaxy Watch ranks just behind the Apple Watch series.

Both Apple and Samsung are clear leaders in this category. Please note that the table below is based on the Watch’s that I have tested and used to provide a ranking. In the coming months I will re test my watch’s I have and provide a full over view.

What my ranking system has exposed is that there is a clear gap as Apple and Samsung watch’s really pushing away from their smartwatch rivals. I will be populating this table over time once I re test all of my watch’s.

Final Conclusion

When I first purchased the Galaxy Watch there weren’t too smart features available to the user, and the Apple watch was the only device that dominated this area. However that all changed ever since Google merged with Samsung to form a single platform which has taken a few years to develop and integrate.

Smart features is the Galaxy Watch’s greatest asset, and if you are someone that uses smart features on the regular then the Galaxy Watch is a good option. The only drawback that I have with the smart features on offer is the advanced features. Especially gesture control and Google assistant.

Gesture control didn’t really work for me, you really have to practice the arm motion to get quick access to launch apps. As for Google assistant, no language available for New Zealand so wasn’t able to share my experience with you.

The intermediate smart features I found to be very reliable when in use. Because I use watch only mode, google wallet, messaging and water lock mode every day, and are very good smart features.

Lastly one other drawback about smart features is that it drains battery life very fast. messaging and Bluetooth calling are the features that burn a lot of battery life.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have learnt something about smart features.