Apple Watch Series 7 : Is WR50 Water Resistance any Good?

Apple has announced their latest Apple Watch Series 7. It is the newest iteration of the Apple Watch, and it comes with a few new features. One of the most talked about features is its water resistance. The watch has a water rating of WR50 under ISO 22810:2010. This means that it can be submerged in up to 50 meters of water without any damage. So, is this feature any good? Let’s take a closer look!

Apple Watch Series 7 has a WR50 ISO 22810:2010 water resistance in fresh water. That means the Apple watch 7 is not water resistant in salt water

What is ISO 22810:2010 and why It Matters for Water Resistance

The International Standardization Organization, or ISO, is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. Its mission is to develop and promote international voluntary consensus standards. One of the areas in which ISO is active is standardization of water resistance ratings for consumer products. This includes watches, as well as other items like smartphones and tablets.

The ISO 22800:2010 standard is the most recent iteration of this effort. It establishes a set of guidelines and testing protocols for assessing the water resistance of consumer products. This standard is important because it ensures that products are rated consistently across different manufacturers. It also provides consumers with a measure of confidence that a product’s water resistance rating is accurate.

The WR50 water resistance rating specified in the ISO 22800:2010 standard is intended for products that will be used primarily in fresh water. It is important to note that this rating does not apply to products that will be used in salt water. For products that will be exposed to salt water, a different rating system is used, known as the ISO 22801:2012 standard.

Products that meet the requirements of the ISO 22800:2010 standard are labeled with a WR50 water resistance rating. This means that they are safe to use in fresh water up to a depth of 50 meters. It is important to remember that this rating is for products that will be used in fresh water only. If a product is to be used in salt water, it must meet the requirements of the ISO 22801:2012 standard instead.

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So, what does the WR50 rating mean for Apple Watch Series? The watch is safe to use in fresh water up to a depth of 50 meters. This means that you can take it swimming, snorkeling, or even diving without any fear of damage. Keep in mind that the watch is not intended for use in salt water, so don’t go swimming in the ocean with it!

The WR50 rating also means that the Apple Watch Series is safe to use in most recreational activities. You can wear it while playing sports, hiking, or even whitewater rafting without worrying about it getting wet. However, it is not recommended that you use the watch for activities like these that involve high levels of contact with water.

So, is the WR50 rating any good? The answer is yes! The Apple Watch Series has a water resistance rating of WR50 under the ISO 22800:2010 standard. This means that it is safe to use in fresh water up to a depth of 50 meters. The watch can be used for most recreational activities, but it is not recommended for activities that involve high levels of contact with water.

How Does Apple Maintain ISO standards?

To maintain ISO standards, a product must be tested in a laboratory environment. This is the only way to ensure that each product released meets the stringent requirements set by the International Organization for Standardization. In order to achieve WR50 water resistance, an Apple Watch Series 7 must pass a series of tests that include submersion in water at a depth of 50 meters for a minimum of 30 minutes.

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Products that achieve WR50 water resistance must also be able to withstand a pressure equivalent to being at a depth of 50 meters. This is why it’s important that any Apple Watch Series 7 you purchase has the ISO 228:2010 certification mark on its packaging. By ensuring your watch is ISO certified, you can be confident that it will meet the requirements set by the international standards organization.

Maintaining ISO standards is important because it ensures that each product released meets a consistent level of quality. This is especially important in the case of products like the Apple Watch Series 7, which are designed for use in challenging environments.

Avoid these Mistakes When Wearing your Watch

There are some things you should never do if you want your water resistant watch to stay in good condition. But usually no one will tell you about them until it’s too late. And even if something goes wrong, it’s not covered by the warranty. So you’ll have to pay to fix your watch yourself.

  • Steam : Water is technically not bad for your watch, but if it gets too hot, it can damage the watch. If you like to take steamy showers or go to the steam room, don’t bring your watch with you.
  • Salt : Swimming in the ocean is a great way to cool off on a hot day, but it’s not good for your watch. The salt water can corrode the metal and damage the seal.
  • Chemicals : The ratings discussed above indicate how water resistant a watch is. Chemicals that are easy to come in contact with, like those found in many everyday products, can quickly damage your watch if it isn’t water resistant.

You should now have a good understanding of how to take care of your watch so that it lasts for many years. Watches are valuable items and can serve you well if you take care of them properly. Make sure to read the owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for water resistance. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service department.

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How to make sure your Watch Stays in Good Condition 

First, make sure you close the watch’s crown (the little knob on the side of the watch) before you get in the water. This will help keep water out of the watch and prevent any damage.

Second, if your watch does come into contact with salt water, be sure to rinse it off with fresh water as soon as possible. This will help get rid of any salt crystals that may have built up on the watch.

Finally, be sure to dry your watch off completely after you swim or shower. Leaving it wet can cause damage to the internal components and shorten the life of your watch. Follow these tips and your Apple Watch Series should stay in good condition for years to come.

ISO is a Label You Can Trust

The ISO international standard is a label you can trust when it comes to water resistance. It’s been tested and proven in a wide variety of conditions, so you can be sure your Apple Watch Series will hold up no matter what you put it through.

If you dont see the ISO label, then I would be very cautious in buying the product. Especially in a new smart watch, you would have to wonder what tests have they done.


The WR50 rating is certainly a good one, but it’s important to remember that it only applies in fresh water. If you plan on using your Apple Watch Series 7 in salt water, be sure to rinse it off with fresh water and dry it off completely afterwards- and avoid getting any steam or chemicals on the watch face.