Huawei GT3 : Great Cycling Features, But…

The features offered in the latest Huawei GT3 are somewhat okay to say the least.  Which is why I am writing this article, so you are aware of this before buying.  If you were to ask me if the cycling features on the Huawei GT3 are useful, my answer would be this.  If you do cycling as a hobby or your preferred method of staying active, yes.  If you were a person who is looking to boost your cycling performance, no.

I always think that the smartwatch is like a companion.  The Huawei GT3 is definitely the perfect companion for a person who cycle’s as a hobby.  In this article I will be discussing the following points as to why

  • Huawei workout modes offer 4 different cycling modes
  • Metronome can be used to increase your 
  • Interval training is available to be used
  • Import or export route is available
  • Detect pauses in your planned cycle route
  • Route back feature is available for cycling.

In this article I will explain in detail each bullet point.  These features are very useful for someone who likes to cycle to stay active.  I will also explain why I don’t think the Huawei GT3 isn’t useful for a cyclist who is looking to improve their cycling performance.

So Why Is The Huawei GT3 Not Useful For A High Performance Cyclist’s

Now you are probably thinking that after listing 6 great bullet points about the Huawei GT3, and what it can offer in terms of cycling features.  I definitely have my reasons and I will explain why.

The high performance cyclists would invest in Bluetooth sensors such as speed/cadence, relay pedals to determine your FTP (functional threshold power) and a heart rate strap.  These are just examples of what Bluetooth sensors are out there, but the point I’m trying to make is that it offers more accurate tracking.  The watch can only go so far on its own, however the Bluetooth sensors can really track your movement, cycling power.

Now the Huawei GT3 does have Bluetooth settings that can connect to power sensors, heart rate monitors and cadence sensors but no clear instruction on its compatibility.  I have done so much research on this and still cannot get an answer.  Which is why I would not recommend it to high performance cyclists.  I just want to save you the drama and invest in a watch like the Polar Pacer or Garmin’s Forerunner 255.

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I haven’t given up on trying, so I will be writing a new article in the future if I am right.

Just added…

Huawei have announced that they will release their own professional motion sensors, similar to Polar and Garmin. The motion sensors are called S tag. It’s not yet out in the market but this new tech just makes sense. From what I know, Huawei S Tag can provide insight to your cycling and running performance only. It’s not known if it can be used for swimming performance but at this stage it’s cycling and running only. Check out the video to get a glimpse of what the S tag can offer.

4 Cycling Workout Modes Available

These workout modes all come from Huawei’s native health app and the 4 cycling workout modes that are available to you are

  • Outdoor cycle
  • Indoor cycle
  • Spinning
  • BMX riding

The only 2 workout modes that offer real insight to your level of fitness are outdoor cycle and indoor cycle.  Whereas spinning and bmx riding only offer heart rate tracking, calories burned and duration of workout.

Also if you own a E-bike, there is no workout mode for this when in use.  I’m surprised that this is not in there since it is very popular.  The only way you can get around this is through the third party app Komoot.  The Huawei Health app can connect with Komoot, and you can use the E-bike modes in Komoot to track.  However I am sceptical as to how it tracks your workout, especially when you are pedalling versus using the motor.  There’s no way of knowing the watch can tell if you are pedalling or resting.  That’s my opinion so just be aware of that when you review your workout insights

Metronome Feature is Available To Use

If you have never heard the meaning before, the metronome in my opinion is like a timing tool.  It allows you to follow a rhythm that can help you increase your average speed.  So how does it do that? Well the Huawei GT3 can do this in 2 way’s, by vibration or by a beeping sound.  

The trick is to generate your cycling speed to the rhythm of the beep or the feeling of the vibration.  The vibration in my experience is quite hard, especially when generating a rhythm.  As you are going on the road or track it’s hard to know the difference between the watch and the road.  I found it a bit off putting because at times I will miss the rhythm, and I just focus on cycling hard.

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Whereas the beeping sound is very clear.  But be warned, if you do use this option it will absolutely drain the battery life.  The Huawei GT3 will warn you before you decide to use this option.  If you are riding through busy roads or on a gravel road the beeping sound is hard to hear.  From that point I would turn it off to conserve battery life.

Overall it’s a great tool to use so if you want to know how to set it up follow my YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to set it up.

Interval Training Is Available To Use.

Please note that interval training is only available when using the outdoor cycling workout mode.  This feature has been quite popular in the last year.  Samsung released a new update to its Galaxy watch 4 this year to include this feature.  Also Apple released an update this year too in July 2022 to add this feature in its Apple Watch 7 series.

The process is very easy to set up.  You set your effort, rest time and number of rounds or intervals as you like.  You also have a choice on how you go about your interval training as well, which is distance or by time.

I have a video tutorial on how to set up interval training for outdoor cycling.  Feel free to check that out.

You Have The Option To Import Or Export Your Route

Please note that this option is only available for the outdoor cycling workout mode.  This one is really tricky because there are not many third party cycling apps you can connect with your Huawei Health App.  If you cannot connect Huawei Health to a Third party app, you cannot cannot import a recorded route.  If that happens you can’t import it into your Watch.  

This is the catch 22 in regards to importing a recorded route to your Huawei GT3.  The one third party app that works well with Huawei is Komoot.  I only have a free Komoot account and it integrates quite nicely.  Importing a route is quite tricky to do and I do have a video tutorial on how to do that.  I have just started a YouTube channel that provides video tutorials.  Check that out to import a recorded route from Komoot.

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As for exporting a recorded route using the outdoor cycling workout mode, this process is not as tricky compared to importing.  You can save your recorded route in the most popular navigational route formats such as gpx.  I also have a video tutorial on how to export a recorded route to a third party app Komoot.

Huawei GT 3 Tips and Tricks

Detect Pauses in Your Planned Cycle Route

Please note that this option is only available for the outdoor cycling workout mode.  Detect pauses is an optional feature you can activate when you go out on your cycling route.  Please also note that it’s not a default feature.

So what is detect pauses?  If you are not familiar with this feature, your cycle workout pauses whenever you make a stop.  Let’s say you planned to cycle a route that goes through the city and you come across 4 traffic lights.  Obviously you are going to stop so the Huawei GT3 can detect you have stopped.  

The algorithm applied when the detect pause is activated is very smart.  I think the algorithm gathers information from its location.  If it sits for a certain amount of time the workout will pause automatically.  I’m not sure for certain how the algorithm works but it’s the only one that makes sense.

So if you happen to go out for a ride through the city or anywhere where there is a potential pause to your cycle workout.  Consider using the detect pause option.

Final Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete overview of the Huawei GT3 cycling features that are available to you.  It’s quite a long article but I hope that this article gives you a sense of what the watch offers.  From my perspective I think the Huawei GT3 is better suited to a person who rides as a hobby.  

However if you are a reader that rides in a competition and likes what the Huawei GT3 offers, then I am glad you see this watch useful.  I always review a watch from an unbiased perspective and if you found value from this then power to you.  You obviously have a open mind when it comes to training and all the best to you.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found this article useful.

Huawei GT3 cycling features
Huawei GT3 : The cycling features that are available to you are pretty reasonable. If you are a person who cycles as a hobby then the GT3 would be a great for you. As for a high performance cyclists, I will let you decide if the features offer what you need.