Garmin Supports Lincoln University on Covid-19 Studies

In a time when many people are struggling with the impact of COVID-19, Garmin is stepping up to support research that could help athletes everywhere. The company has announced a collaboration with the University of Nottingham on the Running Through study, which will use data from wearable devices to investigate how pandemic-related factors have affected runners’ habits. This is an important project, and I’m excited to see what comes out of it!

1. Garmin has partnered with a global research project to study the impact of COVID-19 on running, training, and recovery

The project, called ‘Running Through’ is being conducted by the University of Nottingham and is open to runners and walkers around the world. The study will use data from wearable devices to investigate how various pandemic-related factors such as illness, lockdown restrictions, and vaccination programs have affected runners and their running habits.

This is not the first time that Garmin has used its data to support research projects – in 2019, the company collaborated with a study investigating how marathon runners could improve their performance by using data from their watches. The new project will generate new analytics that can help athletes boost their performance during and after the pandemic.

2. Garmin Vice President is Very Passionate in Support of the New Initiative.

You could say that when the opportunity was presented to Garmin Vice President Joe Schrick. He knew right away this this study will benefit runners all over the world, “We’re very excited to be part of this global research project that has the potential to help runners and walkers not only during the pandemic, but long after it ends.”

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This is a great opportunity for Garmin to give back to the running community and I hope that other companies will follow their lead.

3. What is The Running Through Program and How Can You Participate.

COVID-19 is affecting all our lives. It is changing the way we work, live with our families, and socialize. This pandemic is also having a big effect on our mental and physical health. It’s expected that many adult runners in the population will be affected by either getting COVID-19 or by a big change in their running activities.

Researchers at the University of Nottingham hope to study how current restrictions have changed running habits by inviting members of the running community to share their training data.

There is a need to understand how COVID-19 affects other viruses, how it affects our running activities, and how it affects our recovery in order to understand the impact of the pandemic on runners. If we find that running is beneficial, we could then prescribe running to the wider population.

Covid-19 has cancelled many sporting events. Due to lack of regular racing season so the researchers can investigate the patterns of injuries in runners. Right now it is not clear what training changes are linked with an increased risk of injury. Some people think that running intensity, rather than the weekly distance, is linked with injury. And common viral infections might also be linked to injury.

The Running Through research team plans to use data from runners to create data-based recommendations for training load, intensity, and infection recovery.

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Many people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have reported feeling very tired for a long time after getting better. This is sometimes called “Long COVID.”

Running Through will study runners’ return to training after recovering from COVID-19. The study will look at the impact of physical activity on training performance and cardiorespiratory complications.

The research team wants to find out which runners are more likely to get sick from COVID-19, which runners are more likely to get injured, and which runners are less likely to recover quickly after getting sick.

4. Research Discoveries will One Day be Installed into a Future Garmin Wearable.

Athletes and sports teams a like tend to anticipate Covid interruptions. When it happens, team protocols are activated. It’s just the way it is in sports all around the world. Can be quite frustrating for an athlete who trained so well leading up to the event only to fail a covid test.

This is where the data that will be collected from the Running Through program can help. By understanding which runners are more likely to get sick from COVID-19, the team can install this research discovery into a future Garmin wearable. The runner would then be alerted if they were in an environment or around someone who may make them sick.

I think the training effect will be the most interesting biggest benefit. Like the Flu, Covid can affect people differently. With the Garmin AI coaching, it could make recommendations on how to deal with Covid Situation.

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