Galaxy Watch 6 Classic : Recharge Rates is Fairly Low

Having a smart watch that can recharge it’s battery quickly, is such a great feature to have, and if this is something that matters to you before you decide to buy, then you have come to the right place. I will be doing a series of recharge tests using the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, and I have to say that the device is quicker than it’s previous generations, and i will share those results later in this article.

Also I will be sharing with you my methods when conducting the tests, including how I will be rating the devices, how the device is ranked in the market, and lastly it’s all round ability, which is an overall rating when you add battery economy and recharge rates as a final score, which will give you a better idea of how the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic performs.

In the end the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic gets a 1 out of 5 rating for it’s recharge rate. I will explain why the device has a very low rating, and in reality, other devices in the market has a huge influence in it’s final ratings.

How I will Be Conducting the Tests

The testing process is fairly straight forward really, just plug in the charger to the smart watch, then take out a stopwatch and record the times. I wont be comparing recharge rates based on different recharge devices. The rates are based off the charger that comes in the package when purchased. I also will be charging the smart watch at random for 5 times. Then once that is collected, I will take the average of the final results to determine the charge per 1%.

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The charge per 1% is recorded in seconds, and this information will tell you (in seconds) how long it will take to charge 1% of battery life. From personal experience , this information is useful, especially with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. There are times I would charge the device with enough battery life to track my sleep, and my morning commute to work so I can fully charge the device there.

How Do I Rate & Test a Device

Rating a device is something that’s of great value, so I have created my own rating system so that you can get an idea how well the device compares to other brands in the market. You can take this information with a grain of salt, as this rating system was constructed by testing all the watches that I have and then group the watch’s from quickest to slowest. In the end, this is how the rating system looks like now.

Star RatingRating System
5 starsup to 40 s
4 stars41s – 50s
3 stars51s – 60s
2 stars61s – 70s
1 star71s – 80s
0 star80s +

The rating system table is ranked in seconds, and it’s done that way because it’s quite easy to calculate the results, but I will convert my final results in minutes and seconds. As you can see there are some impressive devices in the market already, that can charge 1% of battery life in less than a minute, and then there are devices that take 3 minutes to charge 1% of battery life.

Based on the above rating system I have rated the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic a one star device, and based on the testing results that I have conducted, the device came close to receiving a zero rating, I will share those test results next.

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Recharge Test Results

Using the magnetic charger that comes with the package, the end result after taking five different re charge points, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic takes on average 79 seconds (1 minute and 19 seconds) to re charge 1% of battery life, Which is fairly slow.

To ChargeTime it TookCharge 1%
69%80 mins79 s
80%105 mins79 s
75%99 mins79 s
50%66 mins78 s
30%51 mins79 s

How Does The Galaxy Watch 6 Rank in The Market

This is my first ever recharge rates article and I will be pulling out all of my smart watch’s and perform the same tests as this one. Eventually the table below will grow over time.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is very similar to the Huawei GT3 pro. As you can see below, the Huawei GT3 Pro is more than two times faster, and it has an it takes less than 40 seconds to recharge 1% battery life which is super fast.

RankWatchCharge 1%Stars
1Huawei Band 721 s5
2Huawei Watch Fit 235 s5
3Huawei GT3 Pro35 s5
4Polar Ignite 356 s3
5Galaxy Watch 574 s1
6Fitbit Versa 475 s1
7Galaxy Watch 6 Classic79 s1
8Fitbit Charge 5120 s0
9Garmin Forerunner 55130 s0

The Final Conclusion

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic GPS tracking

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have learnt a lot about the recharge rates of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Although the test is only based on the magnetic fast charging adaptor, it does give you an idea on how long you are expected to wait when charging your watch.

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On the actual packaging, fast charging is available with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, but there is a huge disclaimer. There were claims that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can take about 90 minutes to fully charge, but this was done using a pre released device. I think this would have disappointed a lot of people who were thinking they were getting a fast charging device but in reality you are not.

I have owned my device since it was made available here in New Zealand in August 2023, and so far I have had two new updates to it’s operating system, so I wondered if that played it’s part in the slower recharge rates.

Based on my testing results at 79 seconds to recharge 1% of battery life, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic would take 132 minutes to recharge, which is 42% above the pre released device tested by Samsung.

Based on my own testing the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic isn’t the slowest on the market, but in comparison to a device of the same capacity that I have rated a 5 star, the Huawei GT3 Pro is more than two times faster than the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

The Huawei GT3 Pro only requires 35 seconds to recharge 1% of battery life, and to charge a device from 0 to 100% will take 3500 seconds, which is about 58 minutes. What’s even more crazy is that if you charge the Huawei GT3 Pro for 10 minutes, in return you will get 2 days battery life.

If the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic were to match this, the device will need to charge for 99 minutes, so this small comparison tells you the battery life economy of the GT3 Pro is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for reading, and this information shines a light on the Galaxy watch 6 Classic, if the device is for you.